Posted by: evedlewis | August 28, 2009

Landing In Seoul, Korea

OMG!!!! I feel dirty – I want a shower and a bed – NOW!!!!  I am SOOOOOO Exhausted, and I have all day funk on my body.  My greeter was not very happy and/or helpful at the airport.  When I found him, he said “no time, no time”, then he took off running with my cart towards the door.  I chased behind him and figured that we needed to catch the shuttle bus immediately.  We missed the first shuttle bus at 8pm, so we had to wait for the next one at 8:30pm.  I spent over an hour getting through customs and baggage claim, so I was already super annoyed and ready to go!!!  However, I’m actually glad that we missed the first bus, because that gave me time to buy a phone card and attempt to make some phone calls before getting on the bus.  I tried to call James and my Mom to let them know I had landed in Seoul, but I had no luck getting through.  I asked my greeter if I could use his cell phone, and he instructed me to wait until I got to Jeonju to make my calls.  WTF??!!!  Thanks a lot buddy!!!!  I won’t get to Jeonju until after MIDNIGHT!!!  What if the bus breaks down on the way, or what if the guy who picks me up blindfolds me and throws me in the back of a van???!!! 

I did at least speak to Yuni, and my greeter gave me my Director’s number to call him when I arrived in Jeonju.  Yuni said there would be someone there waiting for me at the bus station when I arrived.  I don’t feel comfortable with not knowing exactly where I will be going and who will be meeting me.  I asked Yuni on the phone what would happen next, and she assured me that the person I meet there will take me where I need to go.

So – I’m on the shuttle bus now – at night – in a foreign country – headed to a foreign city, and feeling very much like a foreigner.  I would really like to learn the language.  I can’t read any of the signs!!!  I still don’t have the two words I learned stuck in my head yet – maybe by the end of next week.  My brain does not feel super strong right now.  Maybe after some sleep – I will feel more confident in my language learning abilities.  So far, nothing is sticking at all.  For some reason, Spanish sticks with me very easily.  Not sure why, but Korean is not absorbing yet.

The shuttle bus is very comfortable – so, that’s nice.  I think I’ll be hungry by the time we reach Jeonju, but I’m not sure if the stores or restaurants will be open tonight after midnight!!!  We shall see.  I may just starve on my first night in Korea.  I’m sure my people are worried about me!!!!  That was a 13 hour flight (not 12).  That was over an hour wait in the airport.  And now, 4 more hours on the shuttle bus!!!  I haven’t updated anyone in almost 20 hours!!!!!  I hope my next greeter will be more friendly and will make sure I can make my phone calls. 

I really hope I don’t get a yeast infection!!! Sorry, TMI – I have been wearing the same pants and sitting for soooooo long!!!!  I’m soooo uncomfortable in these clothes, and I can’t wait to get clean and naked!!!!! UGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!



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