Posted by: evedlewis | August 28, 2009

The Plane Ride

So – I’m on the plane to L.A. right now.  I flew up to Chicago from Atlanta, next I fly to LAX, and then it’s a 12 hour flight to Seoul, Korea.  Someone should be waiting for me at the airport in Seoul, and then it’s a 4 hour bus ride to where I will be staying in Jeonju City.  The city looks beautiful on-line.  I can’t wait to get there to see everything in person. 

Side note: I mentioned in my first post that I would be traveling to Seoul, because during the initial phases of the process I thought that is where I would be stationed.  I ended up interviewing with a school in Jeonju City, which is 4 hours from Seoul, Korea.

 I’m SOOOOOO freakin’ tired right now, so I really can’t wait to see my bed – that’s the first thing I want to see!  I’m gonna CRASH when I get there – hopefully.  I really don’t know the game plan once I land.  I know that Yuni (my recruiter) mentioned me going by the school.

 I’m most interested to see how this time difference will affect me.  Since I’m a night owl in the states, I wonder what will happen when I get to Korea – how will my body adjust?  Will I be an early bird when I get there?  Or will my body readjust to the darkness?  I may be a night owl there too.  We shall see….

 I have cried a few times while on the plane.  (I posted this just for Nikki Towers – who should be super proud of me right now for crying outside of a movie theater).  The reality of being this far away from home has certainly set-in, and I’m sure there will be times when I become sad and homesick.  I’m feeling much better now though – we are about 30 minutes from LA, and I can’t wait to land!!!

 Not looking forward to the 12 hour flight at all, but ready for a plane break.  I’m concerned about my bag – (has my camera inside) – had to check it off the plane.  I hope I recover it at LAX with no problem.

ALRIGHT – this is it!!!  I’m about to travel 5,897 miles away from the United States!!!!  We are leaving L.A. right now!!!!!  So – I barely made it on the plane.  Those of you who know me well will not be surprised to learn that I almost missed the plane to Seoul.  I did recover my camera bag without a problem, but the lines in customs were rather long and slow.  So – the plane is packed full, and it’s the biggest plane I have ever seen in my life!!!  It has 3 rows of chairs on each side of the plane and four rows of chairs down the middle.  I have only seen about 5 Americans thus far, so I’m already beginning to feel foreign, and I sense the cultural differences.

The women are all dressed in brown business suits (jacket and skirt), and their hair is pulled back in a bun (they all look very much alike – very beautiful and feminine).  Unlike in America, where women may wear the same outfit/uniform and still look completely different because of differences in hair color, skin color, eye color, body size, etc.  In Korea, I’m expecting a more homogeneous society/culture, where most of the Korean people have many of the same features namely: skin color, slanted eyes, small petite frames and solid black straight hair.  Although I can see facial differences, the overall look is very similar and consistent.  I’m sure as I see more Koreans, this will be less the case.  Nonetheless, I’m expecting for Americans to be in the minority, and I’m already feeling that way right now on the plane.

Uh Wow!!  We are going 245 miles per hour.  They have a very cool navigational and informational system on the plane, which tracks the flight pattern and the details of the flight – AWESOME!!!  So – I can know when we are getting close.  I wonder what they are serving for dinner – Hmmmmm…..

I don’t sleep well sitting up – so, I don’t think I’ll get much sleep for the next several hours.  WOWWW!!!  There are still giving out free things on the plane!!!  They already gave each customer a pillow and a blanket.  Now, they are giving out free headphones.  YAYY!!!  I thought those days were over!!! HA!  OMG!!!  More free stuff!!!  So, the woman just came by with baskets filled with hot towels – AWESOME!!!  (just like they do in many Asian restaurants).  Each seat has a touch-screen panel, where passengers can choose – music, movies, etc. – AWESOME!!!  All for free!!!  Or should I say included in the ticket price. 

UH – WOWWW!!!  They give FREE ALCOHOL on the plane too??!!!  WTH??!!  I’m freaking out!!!  I saw a lady pouring red wine and jack daniels at no charge.  Unbelievable!!!  Maybe I need to fly international more often!!!!  Do they serve free alcohol on American flights???!!!  I don’t drink alcohol – but I have never seen it served for free on an airplane!!!!!  Maybe back in the “old days”.  I thought that only happened at Casinos!!!! 😉

I think I’m beginning to tell the difference between Japanese, Chinese and Korean writing.  I don’t know what anything means yet, but I’m becoming familiar with the different markings (i think).  Korean markings seem to have a lot of circles and ovals, and the text seems wider (spaced apart).  Japanese writing seems taller, thinner and more condensed.  The characters also seem more detailed and intense.  Chinese writing seems to be more like Japanese writing, but not as tall and detailed.  I could be TOTALLY wrong – so, don’t quote me on any of this.  Just making some observations.

OMG!!!  I wish I had my camera right now!!  They just served dinner – YUMM!!!  Salad, Steak and Potatoes.  Apple Pie for dessert – um – it looks like apple pie anyway.  I will find out soon.  I had the option to try the famous Korean dish Bi Bim Bop (i think that’s the spelling).  I decided to wait until I got to Korea to taste this dish though.  The meal is a mixture of rice, veggies and meat – it looks really good.  This is a dish that Michael Jackson said he loved to eat when visiting Korea (many Koreans have said this and seem to be very proud of this). 

So – the steak was not all that great – was not cooked well enough.  And – that was a form of “apple pie”.  I just had some really strong coffee also.  WOWWW!!!  Haven’t had coffee in a while – was very good!

So – we are going 500 miles per hour now – Holy Smokes!!!  I wonder if that is the average speed of a plane???  I would imagine so.  Pretty fast, right??!!

We have only been flying for 2 hours – AGGHHH!!!  10 more hours to go!!!!  Seems like forever, but I think I’ll be okay once I get to the halfway point.

6 hours to go – HOORAY!!!!  We are now passing over the day change marker, so we are now flying into Sunday – HA!!  KEWL!!!

Another awesome thing about this plane: I just went to the bathroom, and they have toothbrush kits for us to use!!  How awesome is that??!!  I feel right at home in Korea already!!!  I love the attention to detail!!!  I have certainly enjoyed the first-rate service thus far.  It has made the 12 hour flight just a little more bearable.

So – I wonder if I will go straight to the school when I land???  I won’t arrive until Sunday at 6:30pm.  Uh – it will be evening time, and Jeonju City is 4 hours from Seoul, so I won’t get there until 10:30pm!!  YIKES!!!  I will be ready for bed!!!!  I’m sure that I will report to the school on Monday, but I just wonder what will happen after I meet up with the guy at the airport…….

Cannot wait to see my place!!!!  My own little FREE SPACE – no mortgage!!!  How awesome is that – AYE!!!!  Can’t wait!!! 😉

OH SNAP!!!!  They have the movie “He’s just not that into you” on the plane – YEYAH!!!!!  Bout to finally watch it!!!!!  YESSSS!!!!

OMG!!!!  That movie was awesome – I LOVED IT!!!!  Onto Movie #2 – “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past”

We are getting close – WOOOOHOOOO!!!!  Getting super excited!!!!

Only 3 hours left before we land!!!!  One more movie to go, and we are there!!!!!

OMG!!!!  We are about to land!!!!  So excited and exhausted all at once.  Can’t wait to get off this plane!!!  I must say that the 12 hour flight was not so bad – especially since the customer service was so superb – and I enjoyed the movies I watched.  Can’t wait to land – we are SOOOOOO CLOSE!!!!!!

Okay, so I have learned my first two words on the plane.  Kibum, the Korean guy sitting next to me, taught me how to say “Hello” and “Thank You” – YAYYYY!!!   Ahn – Nyoung – Ha – Se – Yo  (Hello) and Kham – Sa – Ham – Mi – Da (Thank you).  YESSS!!!!!! 😉  My goal is to learn a few words every week, so I can know a little bit of the language within in a few months.  WE ARE HERE!!!!!!  Kham – Sa – Ham – Mi – Da GOD!!!!!!! 😉



  1. Eve I am so happy that you got the opportunity to travel and to be able to let us all know what your experiences have been like. It sounds great! The plane ride seems crazy though. I held my breath all the way to Miami for 1and 1/2 hours, 2weeks ago.. I can’t imagine flying for 12 hours!! Hell Nah .. I would have been sucking them shots down anyways I will try to stay abreast of your unfolding SAGA. be safe and have a lot of fun!!

    • Thanks Simmi!!! The plane ride was INSANE!!! I am NOT looking forward to my 10 day vacation because 2 of those days will be spent on the plane!!!!!!!!!!! UGGGHHHH!!!!!!! I may turn into a drinker on my way back!!!!!! How was Miami??? I love Miami!!!!!

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