Posted by: evedlewis | August 29, 2009


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I AM FINALLY IN MY BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank GOD Almighty!!!!!!!!  So – the shuttle bus dropped me off in Jeonju City in the middle of the night, and my driver was not there to pick me up!!!  I waited an hour or so in the dark – on the side of the road with my suitcases like a homeless prostitute.  I called my director using a pay phone – Thank Goodness I had purchased a calling card in the airport!!!  I would have been screwed without it!!!  Nobody knew English where I was!!!!!  I finally got this one guy (taxi driver) to speak to my director, to let him know where I was – I couldn’t read any of the street signs!!!!!!  So, my director showed up a few minutes later.  So – it’s about 2am here now.  I didn’t get to my apartment until 1am.  SOOOO EXHAUSTED!!!!!!

My apartment is much nicer and bigger than I expected – Almost Everything that I need is already here.  I see just a few things missing so far: Trash can, bathroom towels and body soap.  I had soap in my other suitcase – but I left it on the shuttle bus!!!!  YES – I left one of my bags on the bus – I was just that tired!!!!!!!!!!


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