Posted by: evedlewis | September 1, 2009


GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!!!  I have FINALLY gotten some sleep in a BED!!!!!  YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!  I feel 150% better now!!!!!!!!  I guess it’s morning??!!  I have no idea what time it is!!!  I was very happily surprised to see food last night when I arrived.  I have the basics – milk, oj, bread, eggs, bananas, and some frosted flakes – YAYYYY!!!  I had frosted flakes and a banana for dinner 😉 I’m about to cook some french toast using the bread and eggs.  There is also some ham, cheese and hot dogs in there, but I don’t want those items.  And – I think there is even a pack of beer!!!  That doesn’t look like soda to me – but of course, I can’t read the writing.  I like how beer is considered a basic necessity – HAAA!!!!  James and Katie would like that!!! 😉  I am pleased that everything has been supplied as promised.  I have pots and pans/dishes, linens for my bed, toilet paper, tv, microwave, washing machine, etc.  BUT – I don’t think I have a clothes dryer.  Looks like I will be hanging my clothes up to dry – which is cool.  Although – I hardly ever iron, so I may need to start!  I normally depend on the dryer to take care of all the wrinkles for me. 😉 

So – the director of the school “Lim” and his wife “T” came to get me last night, and they were very, very nice.   Lim speaks English very well, and he is extremely warm and friendly.  He was also very apologetic for picking me up at the bus stop so late.  He let me use his cell phone – unlike the greeter – so I could call James, my mom and Kiana.  I can’t wait to go and get my cell phone today, so I can speak with people freely.  I also can’t wait to see the city during the daytime!!!!  It looked nice at night!!!!

The only disappointment so far, is the one I already expected.  I have no enclosed shower and/or bathtub!!!!!!  UGH!!!!  Only a hand-held shower head that I use and let the water fall onto the bathroom floor.  How in the world am I going to wash my hair???!!!!  The shower head sits on the wall, but it’s not in a position where I can leave it there and take a “hands-free” shower.  I will have to rig up something!!!!!  NO – I am not washing my hair in the sink – I will create a shower somehow.

Also, my water was not hot – which will be a serious problem.  I hope there is some switch or some immediate solution for this!!!!  Lastly, my A/C was not working last night when I got here, so the apartment was not very cool.  However, to be perfectly honest, I slept very well, and I’m totally comfortable right now.  Even without A/C, the temperature is very suitable.

It still sounds like night time outside right now.  It’s sooooo quiet and peaceful!!!  I have my window open, and I hear crickets, the sound of lightly humming machinery and a quiet stillness.  I love how quiet and empty my place is – perfect territory for writing and concentrating – yayyyy!!!!!  I’m sure I will enjoy this quiet refuge after being at the school all day.

I cannot wait to have some noodles!!!!!!!!!!!  It was actually a little chilly last night, and there still seems to be a cool dampness in the air.  I hope it’s not always dreary and cool, because I have to have sunshine for total happiness!!!

Okay – so, I need to get going with my day now.  This cold, hand-held shower is first on the agenda.  I do have soap, but I believe it’s the soap that was left by the previous person – WTF??!!!  GA-ROSSSSS!!!!  I don’t have a fresh bar of soap, so I need to go buy some to have – until I get my bag back.  Hopefully, we will get my bag from the shuttle bus company without a problem.  I have a feeling that today is gonna be a great first day in Jeonju City!!!!  I will visit the school later and tell you all about it!!!!!


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