Posted by: evedlewis | September 1, 2009


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s a miracle!!!!  I woke up at 7am!!!!!!!  I thought I would sleep until the afternoon – but NO!!!!!  I woke up with no alarm clock after only five hours of sleep!!!!  Getting a little sleepy right now though.  We are headed to pick up my bag that I left on the shuttle bus.  Lim has been completely helpful and accommodating.  He located my bag for me, and now we are going to pick it up.   He says it’s about an hour outside the city, so we have a little talking time in the car.  I just left the school – The Blue Ocean Institute, and I LOVE IT!!!!!  It’s brand new and very close to my apartment.  Everything is within walking distance.  The school is actually located within a building on the third floor.  So, there’s a lobby area, three classrooms and one large media room.  Uh – they are still finishing construction, and I am to start teaching on Wed. – in two days!!!!!!!

I was just on the internet and sent an e-mail out to let everyone know that I was alive and well.  I don’t have internet in my apartment yet, so I will have to use the school computer to get on-line for now.  I have already had my first official Korean meal, and it was okay.  I had tofu and rice, which was good, and I tried the Kimchi (i think), which was not so good and extra spicy!!!!!!  WAYYYYYY TOO SPICY!!!!!!  My director is going to take me to get some noodles soon, and I hope to try their curry dish soon also. 

I should have brought my camera to take pictures, but I didn’t want to lug it around and/or offend anyone.  Lim just told me that it may be a week before I can get my phone service, because I have to apply for my alien card first – WTF???!!!  I am not happy to hear that.  Oh!!!  No french toast for breakfast by the way.  I went to turn on the stove, and there was no gas – so, I had more frosted flakes instead 😉  They are hooking that up today hopefully while we are out running errands.  I must be able to take hot showers and cook on my stove-top!!!!!!!!! 

We just got my bag – YAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So – I think we had a very productive and enjoyable first day!!!  Lim drove me around all day, and we got everything I needed for my apartment except a body towel.  We can’t find one in any of the stores in the area.  I already said that I love the school, and that I was able to get on-line there.  I am suppose to report back to the school tomorrow at 2pm for orientation.  I have no alarm clock and/or no clock in my apartment, but there is a clock outside, so I will rely on that for now.  The school is right around the corner, so – I will walk over there early if needed. 

They did get my stove to work – YAAAYYYY – so, I just made my first batch of noodles – YUMMMYYY!!!!  They were good.  I bought a few different varieties to try.  I also bought some strawberry cookies, but they SUCK!!!!!  They smelled really good, but they were very plain and not sweet enough at all (total trick)!!!!!!!!!!  I am full from this one pack of noodles and getting sleepy!!!!  I’m going to bed early tonight!!!!  It’s  about 6pm on Monday.  We are 13 hours ahead of Atlanta time, so it’s about 5am in Atl right now.  Hopefully, I will wake up early and start my day off with some really good exercise.  My A/C is still not working, but it still feels very good in here.  I know I’m about to sleep REALLY GOOD right now!!!!!!!!


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