Posted by: evedlewis | September 2, 2009

Day 2 In Korea – Early Morning Thoughts

So – I’m wide awake again.  I probably only slept 5 hours again.  Who knows???  I still have no clocks in my apt.  I have NOOOO IDEA what time it is!!!!!!  Maybe I will just sleep in 5 hour increments while in Korea, which would be cool.  It’s still dark outside.  I have a feeling it’s around 3am.  I’ll get up and start getting ready when it’s daylight.  I hope it’s 3am, because that would mean that I slept for 9 hours – which would be great!!!  I have a very strong feeling that this is the case. 

So – I’ve been thinking about the discussion I had with Lim.  We talked a little bit about the lesson plans and what I would be teaching.  He mentioned that he wants me to be involved with planning the teaching material and offering suggestions.  He also said that the focus should remain on educating the children and “not amusing them.”  Okay – no problem.  He mentioned that the children should read short stories and he seems to want my input on that.  Um – I will need to do a google search and check out some options.  I can only think of novels and poems. 

Lim also mentioned that the children will need to write essays – which is pretty much one of my specialties – so that’s cool.   I’m also trying to think of some other really cool assignments that my children would enjoy.  Here’s what I thought of so far: Journaling (like what I’m doing), Writing a poem (have to think of some cool subject matters), Interview someone and write a report from the interview (journalism).  Nothing too fantastic – just remembering the assignments that I had in school.  And – of course, I also need to think of some really good essay topics.  Hmmmmm – I have none.

“What do you think about the world’s global economy?”  Uh – yeah, that sucks.  That’s not a good essay question – too open-ended.  Seriously – I can’t think of anything.  I keep thinking of topics like sex, dating, racism and abortion. UHHHH – I’m not even sure if these subjects are on or off limits.  Hmmmmmm……. 

So – another great assignment is “Current Affairs.”  Read a newspaper article or magazine, and summarize what is happening in English.  I think I will require them to look on-line for news stories around the world – that would be hot!!!  And – summarize what is happening in each part of the world – YESSSS!!!!!  I love that idea!!!!!!

Sooooo – I’ve also been thinking about how to “rig-up” my bathroom to make a shower out of a shower head.  I think I have figured it out – YAYYYY!!!!!  There is a vent in the ceiling of my bathroom.  I will tie the shower head to the vent with a thick piece of rope or wire, so that it will stay in place.  I need something thin – but strong.  I really need to wash my hair, and I still need a bath towel.

Also, I want a fan now, because I’m feeling a little hot at this point.  My hot water still doesn’t seem to work either, so I need to ask Lim about taking care of all these things.  So,  I need: Computer/Internet hook-up; working A/C or fan; working hot water; plastic wire or rope to rig up my shower; and large body towels.

Just took a shower – AHHHH!!!!  Cold showers actually feel wonderful at night when you are hot and sticky!!!  Feels very weird to walk around without a bath towel though.  I have to remember that I have windows and neighbors – OOOPS!!!!!  I’m using a little cloth beach dress as my bathrobe for right now.  I love that my bedroom is separate from my living room area.  I saw units where the floor plan is like a loft – one big, open space.  I like the blocked-off “separate room” floor plan much better.

OMG!!!!!!!!!  I feel so much better!!!  I have put all my clothes away (in plastic drawers and on hangers – I have no closet).  I put all my toiletries in the bathroom, so I’m basically “unpacked”.  Now, I just need some house shoes.  My feet were black before I got in the shower – EWWWWW!!!!!!!  Not sure how this floor got so dirty??!!!  Obviously, they never really cleaned up well after the previous guest, so I’m gonna have to do some serious deep cleaning myself.

I already washed one load of clothes.  That was awesome!!!  I am SOOOO proud of myself for figuring out how to use the washing machine without any English instructions.  Much more difficult than I expected actually.  My washer is freakin’ HUGE – but no dryer.  So, my clothes are hanging up right now in the window – still not dry yet AT ALL.  I think I will hang my wet clothes outside next time – in the sun.  I saw a woman doing that today (putting her clothes outside to dry).  So – I really need some “wrinkle-free” clothing.  I saw a dry cleaner – so honestly – after I wash my clothes, I’d rather just pay them to press certain things.  Not everything of course, but certain things – yes indeed.

So – I’m really stumped on the essay topics.  Seriously – this is awful!  I think I’m thinking too hard.  HA!!!  That sounds funny.  Lim said today that the personality of the teacher is what is most important, because the kids will trust the teacher, open up and learn more.  He said that having a good relationship with the kids is more important than the lesson plan.  I think he is right to a certain extent.  Lim said the kids will love me.  Well – I do typically build very good relationships with kids, but I want to make sure I teach well also.  The kids should enjoy learning with me – not just my personality.   I will feel much better tomorrow once I have had time to google “essay topics” and “short stories”. 

First – I will start by teaching the students the proper format of an essay, then we shall write one together in class, and then I will assign a good essay topic for them to write about on their own.  I can anticipate that a few students may not understand me fully, or may not feel comfortable participating.  How will I teach them – and/or get them involved?  I also have to think about what to do when a student gives an answer that is not quite on target.  I don’t want to insult or embarrass any of the students, because I don’t believe this encourages healthy learning.  I will have to say “good try”, or “try again”.  My goal is to constantly remind my class that they are doing an excellent job, because I believe that constant praise encourages people to do better.

Uh – I need to find out on what level my kids are performing.  I will learn all this and more (I hope) at my orientation tomorrow.  Uh Oh – I want to walk around at night now.  I’m getting the “walk in the dark” urge.  I just promised James that I would not do that, so I will have to control the urge.  Honestly, the streets here feel and seem EXTREMELY safe.  They are well lit and full of traffic, so I would have no concerns with walking here late at night.

Looking outside my window, I see very small signs of daylight – VERY SMALL.  I think it’s about 4 or 5am now.  I can’t really go outside, even if I wanted to anyways.  Earlier I left the building, and the building code I punched in didn’t work when I tried to re-enter.  Thankfully, a young man who was coming back home at the same time let me in the building.  Uh – that’s another thing I need to get straight with Lim!!!!!

It’s DAYLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HAAA!!!  I knew it!!!!!!!  I think my time guesstimates were extremely accurate.  It must be around 6 or 7am now – YAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!  I just scrubbed down my apt. and ate more frosted flakes 😉  Now – It’s completely daylight outside – so, I’m going for my morning jog……..


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