Posted by: evedlewis | September 2, 2009

DAY 2 – Walk and Errands In The City

I FOUND TOWELS!!!!!!!!!!  YAYYYY!!!!!!  They were 20 miles away and extremely expensive – but I found them!!!!  (Being dramatic about the mileage) 😉  OMG!!!!  My day was so full of adventure, and it’s only noon!!!!  I gotta get ready for my orientation at the school now, so I’ll tell you all about it later…..


OMG!!!!! I just had orientation – for one hour.  Are you kidding me???!!!  An HOUR??!!  Yeah – I’m soooo not ready – but, I start teaching tomorrow.  Here goes nothing!!!!!!


So – I had a fun-filled day.  I started my jog this morning at 8am.  I found it very humorous and amazing that I was awake before pretty much everybody in Korea.  Even before the stores opened!!!  Imagine that!!!!  Many of the stores don’t open until 10am here.  So, I had a great jog. I LOOOOOOVVVEEEEE  the sidewalks!!!!  They are AMMMAAAZZZZING!!!!!!  They are HUGE and made of painted pebbles – not cement.  There is one huge lane for bikers/walkers, and there is also another huge lane made of pavers.  The sidewalks are lined with decorative trees and benches – very “park-like.”  This is a very pedestrian friendly country.  I LOVE THAT!!!  I saw several groups of students in uniforms walking to school this morning, but not many adults until the afternoon.

Many of the people travel by foot or bike, so the sidewalk extends for miles and miles down the main road – perfect for my daily walk or jog.  Some things I noticed today while walking through the city:

– Many of the women carry umbrellas and fans (this is very beautiful and feminine to me).

– There were landscapers on the street cutting hedges and removing weeds from the sidewalk with small hand-held utensils (no machines) – there were also “trash-collectors” (PEOPLE) who cleaned the streets (all of the workers were much older – like in their 70s) – I was pleased to see the people caring for their city instead of machines. 

– There are crickets or some kind of insects that populate the area and make noise throughout the day.  I can’t see them, but I know they are there, and I love the noise they make.

– Korea is very small, so most of the buildings are tall with many levels to conserve space.  Most of the people live in high-rises, and I have not seen a residential area or subdivision with houses.

– I saw chili peppers being dried/baked in the sun.  The food here is VERRRRY SPICY – so, they obviously depend on the chili pepper to help season their food.

– The weather is very nice here.  Normally it’s cool in the morning and evening, and it warms up in the afternoon.  It gets hot, but not uncomfortable. 

– The clothes are very CA-UTE!!!  I saw some nice shopping stores/areas while walking and plan to do a little shopping at some point.

So – I got A LOT accomplished today – I RIGGED MY SHOWER for starters – YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That was a big deal, so I’m glad that’s done.  Washed my hair, got all my apt. necessities – including bath towels!!!!  YAYYY!!!  Also got my house shoes, mop for the floor, trash bags that fit my trash can, and a floor mat for outside my bathroom.  My apartment is almost perfect for me now – just need a phone and a computer ;).

My A/C and hot water are working now 😉 and, hopefully I will have internet soon!!!!!!!  I have been using the phone and computer at the school, but my time has been very limited.  I want my own stuff in my apt.!!!!!!  Trying to be patient.


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