Posted by: evedlewis | September 2, 2009


OMG!!!!!!!!  I was SOOOOOO Exhausted yesterday!!!!  My first day went extremely well!!!!  The students are great.  Most of them speak English very well, and they are very nice and well-mannered.  They bow their heads when they enter the class, and most of them say hello and goodbye.  They are attentive and focused for the most part.  There was just a little hustle and bustle from some of the students.  I had to separate some students and move a few to the front of the classroom, but overall everyone was very polite, and they are a pleasure to teach.

There was just a little confusion about the classes and the assignments (the lady who lead my orientation wasn’t sure about some things – her name is Lauren, and she has only been there for a few months).  For example, I made copies of one chapter for a class, and they were actually reading Chapter 3 of Frankenstein, so I didn’t need the copies.  Also, many students don’t even have books, so I am constantly making copies of the chapters for them to read.  This has become a slight problem, as I have no breaks in between classes.  I prefer to be completely prepared before class starts – not running to make copies for each class.

My classes are 45 minutes each, so there is not much time to cover a lot of information.  My only concern so far is the reading COMPREHENSION.  The students are reading the words out-loud very well, but I’m not sure if they are comprehending what they are reading.  I need to make up 5-10 questions to test their comprehension levels.  I will read these questions out-loud after the reading, so all the students can participate and hear the answers.  They have Chapter Review questions at the end of each chapter, but they are very vague, and I want to add my own.

My other concern is that many of the students don’t speak LOUDLY.  How do you change that???  When they read and speak, they need to do so with confidence and a loud voice.  Part of my job is to make sure the students speak loudly and clearly.  Besides saying “speak louder please,” – how can you encourage and train students to speak up – Hmmmmmm……

My two big words of the day were “consequences” and “pornography” –  HAAAAAAA!!!  I always ask the students if they need me to explain any of the words or concepts in the reading.  So – in one of my classes, we read a short story/article about “internet addiction.”  Sidenote: In this story, the author also says that someone has died from being on the internet for too long – WTF???!!!  Who writes that in a children’s book??!!!  I think the culture is still very big on “scaring children” away from doing things.  So – anyways – I explained what “consequences” and “pornography”  were, and the students nodded with understanding.  I was glad they were comfortable enough to ask. 

Another word in question today was “sledge” – but I think the word in the book was suppose to be “sleigh” – because, WTH is a sledge?????  I have heard of a sledge hammer, but not a sledge that dogs pull.  I need to double check that.  I woke up a little later today, because I was soooooo tired from Day One.  I woke up at 9am instead of at 7am today, so I’m not going for my long walk today.  I’m going to walk to the corner store to get some groceries, and then get to the school early.


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