Posted by: evedlewis | September 2, 2009

Funny Moments

OMG!!!!!!  I can’t eat noodles everyday for a year!!!!!!!!!!  I must find other food options!!!!!!  I honestly don’t know how Koreans stay so small and thin with so much STARCH CONSUMPTION!!!!!!!!!!    I made noodles, cabbage and tofu today.  UH – my entire meal was white!!!!!  WTF??!!!!  I need some broccoli, squash and mushrooms!!!!!!  I need some color in my diet!!!!  Somebody mail me some veggies and curry please!!!!!!

Speaking of white, many of the students in my classes said that their favorite color was white, and many others said black – WTF??!!!!!  Those aren’t colors!!!!!  Well – actually they are colors, but not a common response for children who normally chose vibrant color options.  I thought that was interesting.

Other interesting/funny moments:

– All the students have “English Names” and Korean Names – The English names are totally made-up.  I have two boys named Chris in one class Chris (1) and Chris (2) – and I have students with other interesting names like Light and Potter (from Harry Potter)

– One of my co-workers shared his potatoes with me last night – UHHHH – they were purple – but very good actually.  More Starch!!!! UGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

– I started my classes by asking everyone about their favorites.  When I came to their favorite sport, I was surprised that many of them could not tell me their favorite team or player. (compared to U.S. children who typically idolize players and have favorite teams).  I get the feeling that this is not a very “sports-oriented” culture.  Then again, they are in class from 8am-10pm, so they don’t really have much time to follow sports – too busy learning other things.

– One of my students, Diana, asked me about Obama.  She asked with bright eyes and a wide grin, “have you seen him??  did you meet him???” I told her that I went to the inauguration, but that I was not close enough to meet him in person.  She said, “He is very handsome – I love him.” HAAA!!!!!  I thought that was adorable.  Then she said, “Have you met Denzel Washington???” – and I almost fell out of my chair.  I was soooooo not expecting to hear that name in Korea.  I was about to say, “Giiirrrrlllll, if I ever meet Denzel Washington……” – but, then I realized that I was talking to one of my students, so I just said, “No. Unfortunately I have never met Denzel in person.”  Again she said, “I love him.” So – Diana is clearly my kinda girl.

They are hooking up my internet at home now – YAYYY!!!!!  Or trying to at least.  I feel like I’m back in the states waiting on AT & T.  Not sure if they know what they are doing. 

I have been craving coffee – WTF???!!!!  It’s really weird!!!  I’m going to get another Caramel Machiatto from the cafe up the street.  I guess it’s the jet lag catching up with me?????  I feel very lazy today.  Going to get some coffee now to put a little pep in my step. 😉



  1. LOL!!! Giiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrllll I f I ever see Denzel!! Me and you both! Hmmm Im in LA looking!!! Trust me!

    • RITE!!!!!!!!! I know you are keeping an eye out 😉

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