Posted by: evedlewis | September 2, 2009

I’m Officially Addicted To Coffee – FUCKKKKKK!!!!!

NO WONDER!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s raining outside!!!!!!!!!!  No wonder I’m so lazy and sluggish!!!!!  I could def. stay in the bed all day today.  This coffee is much needed.  I have no energy.  I’m at this lovely coffee shop – up the street from my apartment.  OMG!!!!  This is def. one of my favorite places so far.  Reminds me of a super special Starbuck’s with Korean flair.  The coffee is superb and they serve little coffee cookies on the side (yummy extra touch).  The decor is gorgeous, and they play soft music all day and night (Nora Jones is in heavy rotation) – perfect relax spot. 

I wish they had cream and sugar on the table though.  It’s hard to communicate just how much cream and sugar I need in my coffee.  I don’t think most Koreans use sugar like I do (actually most people in the world probably don’t).  This is not a very “sweet tooth” type society from what I can tell.  So, it’s very difficult to express just how much is needed.  I’d rather just add it on my own, but this is a very “customer service” oriented culture, so the customers don’t do much on their own.  Everything is done for them.  Just took my coffee back for more cream and sugar – OMG!!!!!!!!!!  FREAKIN’ PERFECT!!!!  AHHHHH!!!!!!  Not Good – I’m SOOO HOOKED NOW.   



  1. Love this EVEY!!! Now we can share in this addiction!!!! Am SOOOO enjoying reading all about your time in Korea!!!!!!

    • OMG!!! LENA!!!!!!!!! I’M PASSED ADDICTED – YOU WOULD LOOOOOOVE THE COFFEE SHOPS HERE!!!!!!!!! Posting photos soon!!!! Wish we could spend the day together talking over coffee after coffee!!!!!! 😉 I’m actually at my second favorite coffee shop right now called “Tom and Tom’s Coffee!!!”

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