Posted by: evedlewis | September 2, 2009

Teaching Starts – TOMORROW!!!!!

Okay – so, I start teaching tomorrow.  I have all my lesson plans, classtimes and assignments, so I feel totally ready.  Lim gave me a freakin’ packet of over 200 essay topics/questions – HAAAAA!!!!!  So, I’m good in that category.  They are excellent questions/topics, so I was racking my brain for nothing!  The reading assignments kinda suck.  We will be reading and discussing Frankenstein (okay book), Great Expectations (okay book), Robinson Crusoe (good book actually), and some awful book called the Prisoner of Zenda.  Maybe I just need to warm-up to the Prisoner of Zenda, but so far – not so good.  Way too many characters – I’m confused after reading the first chapter – and I’m the teacher!!!! YIKES!!!!!!

Anyways, it’s after 10pm and I’m sleepy.  I can’t believe how perfect this schedule is for me!!!!  YESSSSSS!!!!  I am sooooo extra excited about that!!!!  I should wake up around 8am again and go for my morning jog.  I will have plenty of time to be prepared for my first class.  I work from 2pm-10pm.  I have teacher planning from 2pm-4pm.  My first class is at 4pm, and I teach 6 classes back to back.  Uh – no break.  Weird hours right??!!!  But – perfect for me!!!!!!! 😉

Uh – I just left the school at 10pm, and many of the young students were just finishing up all their classes!!!  Can you believe that!!???!!!  They don’t play about education around here!!!!  Serious business!!!!!  Totally respect that – although 10pm is a bit much.  I thought I would only be seeing the high school students in the late classes, but I saw young students there also.  The kids didn’t even seem tired!!!  They are literally in school/class from 8am – 10pm daily.  They go to their “regular” school classes at one school, and then they go to the academies to learn more.  I teach at a private institute (academy), which is expected to enhance and fully develop the students English abilities.  I am not really “teaching English.”  The children already know English and speak pretty well.  I will be helping them to improve and/or perfect their English skills (reading, writing and conversation).

So – I’m ready for my first big day at the school!!!!  I’m gonna sleep extra good with my A/C blowing – YEYAH!!!!!


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