Posted by: evedlewis | September 2, 2009


So – I feel like I’m gonna be a fat pig soon!!!!!!!!!  UGGGHHH!!!!!!  I thought I would be losing weight in Korea, but EVERYONE KEEPS FEEDING ME!!!!!!!!  WTF??!!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!  And – I keep cooking/eating starchy foods at home – Cereal, Snacks, Noodles, Rice, Bread, etc.  I must find other things to eat!!!!!!

I made tofu and cabbage for dinner tonight, but I will have to eat it tomorrow, because the guy at the school gave me a chicken sandwich and coke for dinner.  Uhhh – I don’t need a piece of fried chicken on white bread with a soda at 9pm.  But – I accepted his food offering (same guy who shared his potatoes), and I ate half the sandwich for dinner.

Mr. Lim tried to feed me noodles earlier today – thank goodness the noodle shop was closed – I had already eaten!!!!! AND I TOLD HIM THAT!!!!!!  Plus, the lady at the coffee shop gave me extra cookies to take home with me – WTF??!!!!!  WHY???!!!!  I had already eaten some cookies with my coffee – I didn’t need anymore!!!!!!!!! 

Mr. Lim also brought me an ENTIRE BOX of fried chicken – ARE YOU KIDDING??!!!  Not a few pieces – or a two piece snack – but a whole box – who is going to eat that???!!!!  I don’t even like fried chicken like that!!!!!!!!  It’s still in my fridge – along with the beer.

Lastly, Lauren (my co-worker at the school) gave me some Cappachino milk today – WTF???!!!!  I had just had coffee, and I’m sure that milk is very high in calories.  So – I really appreciate all the kind gestures – but I seriously don’t need anymore food gifts!!!!

I know that everyone is trying to be nice and welcoming.  I really, really understand – and I’m really, realy thankful.  But – I have been here for almost a week now, and IT’S GOT TO STOP!!!!!!!!!!



  1. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! OMG! that is hilarious… looks like I would fit in great in Korea with all the food and people giving it to me…I love it!

  2. HAAAAA!!!!!!! YES YOU WOULD!!!!!! Good thing I am running and walking so much – Don’t let the small size fool you!!!!! Our Korean brothers and sisters can EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tell me more about this friend chicken, are we talking KFC flavor or something different? I didn’t know they were into friend chicken.

    • OMG!!!!! Brian – they are SOOOOOO into fried chicken!!! I had chicken tenders from another chicken place – YUMMMMM!!!! They were very good!!!! This fried chicken was on the bone like KFC – but not with the same coating or flavors – it was okay – I tried one piece – but I prefer the chicken tenders. All white meat – & very, very good!!!!!!

  4. I’ll eat that fried chicken!!!

    • ALEX!!!!! It’s still in my fridge!!!! Come get it before I throw it out this weekend!!!!!!!!! 😉

  5. Hey do they serve hamburgers over there in McDonalds or Burger King? Does the Coke taste the same. What are you doing about the Sweet Tea? I know you must be missing that.

    • HAAAA!!!!!! Actually – they have ONE McDonalds here. They have a TGIF – close to my house!!!!! I have eaten there once – VERY GOOD!!!! They have a Bennigans (sp?? of all things), and they have other Burger Restaurants – not fast food. I have not seen any other fast food besides the McDonalds and Dunkin’ Donuts – no Taco Bell :(. Yes – the coke does taste the same. But – of course they DO NOT serve sweet tea. I make my own at home. In fact, I am sipping on some hot Jasmine tea right now 😉

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