Posted by: evedlewis | September 3, 2009


My second day at school was awesome.  I was a little more prepared.  Before classes started, I created some chapter review questions that I thought would be great for the students.  I want to make sure they are understanding the chapters we read together in class.  This also helps us to dialogue a little more, so they can practice speaking more English.  Today I also explained how to write an essay in my essay class.  I think that went very well, and I can’t wait to see their papers.  We also had a great interview class today.  I paired the class up into small groups and the practiced some interview questions.  These are high school students who need to prepare for admittance interviews for college – and also for employment interviews/purposes.  I asked each one of them questions from the interview sheet, and then asked them follow-up questions.  I think that went very well.

Everyone is doing well.  Some students need to respond more quickly and loudly (as I’ve already stated) – but the students are extremely studious, and most want to do well.  I really hope my essay class understood what I explained to them today. 

One thing I just remembered from my interview class –

One of the questions I asked was – what will you be doing in ten years?  Most of the students had “normal” responses such as: “I will be managing a bank,” or “I will be a doctor at a hospital” – things of this nature.

So – I get to the last guy in the class – his English name is Randal.  So – Randal says, “I will go into North Korea and stop communism.”  So – I was like, okay “wow, that’s a lofty goal” (thinking: this will be interesting).  I ask him (as I have asked all the other students follow-up questions), and how are you going to do that Randal?  Please tell me the steps.  So he says, “First I will major in biochemical engineering, then I will develop bombs, and then finally – I will bomb North Korea.  So – I say, ” woah, woah, woah!!  Could you possibly major in Political Science, become the next President, and then work with North Korea peacefully to stop the spread of communism?”  He was very quite for a while.  I received no response – so I said, “or do you think the bombs is a better idea?”  Then he said, “Bombs!” 

So – WOOWWWW!!!!!  I hope I don’t get fired or have parents waiting to meet with me today 😉  Very interesting discussions indeed!!


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