Posted by: evedlewis | September 3, 2009


OMG!!!!!!!!  I finally got my new Korean phone today!!!!!  YAYYYY!!!!!!  I’m keeping my Metro number in the states to keep my voice mail in tact, and I just bought a new cell phone in Korea.  YIPPPEEEE!!!!!!  We spent over an hour in the phone shop – not sure why it took so long, but I have my phone now!!!!!!!  The guy kept trying to sell me a “child-like” cell phone with colors and decorations.  WTF??!!!!  I am a grown ass woman!!!  Give me a plain solid black phone, and I’m happy!!  So, I have made a few calls already, and I’m VERY SCARED to see my first phone bill.  I have NOOOO IDEA how much the international calls are or how the monthly charges work over here – YIKES!!!!!!  Gotta do more internet chatting!!!!!!!!!

I will FINALLY be able to chat at my apartment now, because I also just got MY BRAND NEW LAPTOP!!!!!!!!  HOORAY!!!!  AND –  the internet is connected now also – YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!  So – I’m super excited!!!!!!!  I got my new phone, laptop and my new ipod all in one day at a one-stop shopping center.  Was awesome there!!!!  Better than our Wal-Mart!!!!  I also got some groceries from downstairs.

I don’t have a car – mind you – so, I have to do all my shopping and such when I have an escort.  So today Charles was my escort.  He is the Assistant Director at the school.  He is also extremely nice and helpful.  I’m sure that he would have preferred to spend his Saturday doing something else, but he spent all day helping me shop to get what I needed.  We were out until 6pm!!!!!  I was so mentally drained, and so was he!!!!!!!!!!!  So – I’m glad all that is DONE!!!!!!!!!!!  Now – I am all set with my electronics!!!!!!!!!!! 



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