Posted by: evedlewis | September 4, 2009


I have really enjoyed my first two weeks in Korea, and I’m really looking forward to my weekend plans.  Lauren has invited me to the movies on Saturday, and Mr. Jeon has invited me to drive up to the mountains with his family on Sunday.  Lauren speaks Korean and English, and she teaches in the classroom next to mine at the school.  We are also going to get some school supplies and eat lunch together before the movies.  Mr. Jeon is the school administrator.  He showed me a beautiful Mountain on-line that we can visit on Sunday called “Horse Ear Mountain – or was it Horse Shoe Mountain?”  Either way – It’s 2 hours from Jeonju, and I’m very excited to do some sight-seeing away from the city.  I should get some awesome photos – hopefully we will have gorgeous weather this weekend.

So – I have already eaten an entire jar of peanut butter and jelly!!!!  I bought a jar filled with mixed pb&j for $6.00!!!!  At the store one jar of Peanut Butter was $6.00 and one jar of jelly was $4.00 – WTF???!!!!  So – I just bought the mixed jar – and it’s gone (within a week).  Some of the things that I buy here are imported (Orange Juice, PB&J, etc.) – and those items are VERY EXPENSIVE.  I cooked my first “meal of Color” last night, so I’m excited about that – I sauteed broccoli and purple cabbage, mixed with bean sprouts and soy sauce served over rice.  Was Delish!!!!!  This was the first meal with colors that I have cooked since I’ve been here.  YAYY!! 😉  All of my other cooked meals have been WHITE.  BAD!!!!!!

My boss paid me my first check in all CASH last night in the hallway at the school – HAAAAAAA!!!!!!  That was awesome!!!! 😉  So – I have close to 400,000 bills in “wons” – Ahhhhh – too bad these are not Dollars!!!!! 😉

OHH!!!!  I talked to Ray last night on SKYPE – OMG!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!  I don’t ever want to use a phone again!!!!!!!  In fact, I may need to return this cell phone!!!!!!!  Who needs a phone when you can use SKYPE for FREE??!!!???!!!!!  I “called” Ray on the computer through the Skype program.  He picked up on the other end – and there he was!!!!!! ON my computer screen!!!!!!!  Alive and Well!!!!!!!!  (well – actually he’s feeling a little sick) – BUT – I was watching him and talking to him through my computer!!!!!!!!  MIND-BLOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So – I’m very excited about talking to everyone on Skype now 😉

Gotta go get ready for class now – It’s FRIDAY – YAYYYY!!!!!!!!  Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!! 😉



  1. My Darling-good to see you’re fully adjusted and doing well! Let me find out you’re gonna come back to the states with your hair in chop stick and speaking Korean! What movie are you seeing this weekend? I still haven’t seen Final Destination ot Halloween yet…you know I live for the horror flicks. At any rate…glad to see you’re doing well.

    Love ya,

  2. My Dearest Charmaine – Yes – all is good! We ended up seeing some movie about a high school guy who managed a band to win the high school band slam – it was a great movie – but I forgot the name of it. I will def. be seeing FD4 soon, I wish you could come with me!!!!! 😦 Hope all is well in your world!!! 😉 Love you much!!!!! Eve xoxoxoxoxo

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