Posted by: evedlewis | September 5, 2009


I had a wonderful “girls day out” with Lauren today.  We went to “the village” and ate lunch, walked around and then walked to the movies.  The village offered some great sight-seeing and photo moments.  We saw an old church, some old temples, and some street performances.  The movie was excellent, and we shared caramel popcorn – yum!!!  I forgot the name of the movie, but it was in English with Korean sub-titles.  The movie place was called the “Mega Box” and we saw our movie on the 7th floor in a huge building.  One really cool thing is that people can select their seats BEFORE going into the theater (like a concert) – I thought that was pretty neat.  After the movies, we did some school shopping and I bought a cute dress.  We then finished our night with some yummy Korean-style pizza.  YES – PIZZA!!!!!  Very good PIZZA too!!!!  I will DEF. be going back to the Mega Box alone to watch Final Destination – prob. next weekend.  Lauren was not interested in FD4 – she is pretty conservative and does not seem to enjoy scary movies.  

When I returned home, there was a note on my door written in English that said:

Hi!  I ran into the landlord yesterday.  He told me another English teacher had moved into the building.  Please let me know if I can help you settle into the neighborhood – Allison

YAYYY!!!!  So – I’m excited to call Allison tomorrow, and I can’t wait to learn more about her.  I’m eager to know how long she has been here.  I’m sure she can offer some tips and advice if she has been here for a few months.

Last night (Friday), Lauren invited me out to the “chicken place” with her friend Cindy.  Cindy is also Korean and speaks English pretty well.  We had a nice time hanging out together, and the chicken tenders were very good.  I will def. be going back there when I have a taste for chicken again.

Some interesting things that I noticed today:

– The men here wear tight clothes and carry purses.  Not the gay men – but the men.  And not the man-bags – I mean actual PURSES.  I asked Lauren about this, and she says the men are not gay – that is just the acceptable style for men here.  Many of the men seem very gay – from their hairstyle to their mannerisms – but Lauren assures me that they are straight men.  I saw many of them walking with women as their dates, so I guess there is just a huge difference as far as what is acceptable for men to do here.

– The women hold hands.  I think it’s sooooooo adorable – but, I’m sure most people in the States would also consider this behavior gay.  I think the women are very loving and friendly here – especially towards their close female friends, and nobody thinks twice about women walking hand-in-hand down the street.  I didn’t see one or two sets of friends – I saw countless women holding hands and locking arms while walking together down the street.  I saw many men and women (couples) being loving towards one another also.  I was pleased to see this public show of affection.

– 90% of Koreans seem to wear eye glasses.  Lauren says it’s because Koreans study so hard and so much.  Not sure if that’s true – but I swear almost every Korean wears glasses.

-They did not have any freakin’ squid and octopus at the movie theater!!!  Not at this one anyway.  I have seen “squid snacks” at the corner store, but they served butter and caramel popcorn at the theater.  They also served this awesome mango juice drink that I loved!!! 

– There was an amazing water feature designed in the landscaping at the village.  The water ran along the sidewalk like a man-made stream.  I have never seen anything like it – It was BEAUTIFUL!!!!  I did not get pictures of it this time, but I will def. get pictures next time.  I have seen fountains and ponds – but I have never seen water flowing along the side of a sidewalk like that – very cool!!!!

-The bugs that I keep hearing are locust

– Most of the women are extremely shy and hide their faces or giggle when I ask to take a photo

I have plans to go to the mountains with Mr. Jeon tomorrow, but we did not confirm today.  I need to call him to see if we are still going.  To be honest, I am completely drained from my shopping day today.  I could use a break tomorrow – but we will see how I feel after some sleep…….



  1. Hey Eve, This is wonderful! I love this type of stuff! Your observations are very interesting and thought provoking. After traveling abroad a bit, I realized how unaffectionate we (americans) are in general. Its refreshing to see!

    And whats this business about a stream running beside the sidewalks? Is it an aquaduct of some sort or does it have some other utilitarian purpose? Maybe its purely decorative? When you find out let me know.

    • Brian – thank you!!!!! We are sooooooo unaffectionate compared to other countries!!!!! I was at the airport in Florida, and I watched people being picked up by their friends and relatives – most of them just got in the car – no HUGS – no kisses – no excited Hello’s – no nothing!!!!!!!! In fact, most of them looked a little angry and bothered. I was very sad to see this, and I’m glad to see so much love here!!!!!!!!

    • OHHH!!!! And about the sidewalk – very hard to explain – must go take pictures of it this weekend. It’s the way the sidewalk was designed!!!!!! I believe it’s purely decorative.

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