Posted by: evedlewis | September 20, 2009

Week Four In Korea – Beaches, Movies and Games – Oh My!!!!!!!

I slept in late and cleaned up around the house on Saturday.  Later in the afternoon, I walked around the city and ate dinner at my favorite “chicken place” called BHC Chicken.  Their chicken tenders are huge, all white meat strips served with a delicious honey mustard sauce.  Yum, Yum, Yum!!!!!!!!  They were playing “American music” in the restaurant, so I heard “Green Light,” by Andre 3000 – and “You can have whatever you like,” by T.I. while I was enjoying my dinner.  That was pretty awesome.  I actually felt like I was back in Atlanta for a few hours ;).

On Sunday, I met my co-worker, Ye, at my other new favorite place called “Tom & Tom’s Coffee.”  OMG!!!!!  They have the best stuff there!!!!!!!  They serve a mini flat “thin-crust” type pizza that is fabulous!  It’s basically made with pieces of chicken and corn tossed over a flour tortilla, covered with pizza sauce and cheese, and then toasted/baked.  SOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!!  They also serve yummy pretzels – all types with cream cheese and dipping sauces – Delicious desserts and Magnificent Drinks.  I had a Mango Smoothie there this week that was SUPERB!!!!  Maybe even better than the ones I make at home!!!!!!!!!!  So – Ye and I ate at Tom & Tom’s before we hit the beach.

We drove just one hour in the car and had a great time talking and connecting.  Ye began to say things like “I hope you are not disappointed when we get there,” as we approached the shoreline.  I was honestly just happy to be spending sometime on a beach – any kind of beach – so it didn’t matter to me if it had perfectly white sand or shimmering, crystal blue water.  When we arrived, I was most pleased with the mountain views and the beach breeze.  AHHHHHH – so refreshing.  The sand was gray, and the water was colorless, but the beach was still nice and we still had a great time – once we finally got down there!!!!

There was a MASSIVE CLIFF that we had to climb down to get to the beach!!!!!  There was no other nearby beach access “entrance.”  Ye had on HIGH HEELS and a semi-dressy outfit!!!!!!!!!  OMG – I WISH I had that death-defying descent on video – I’m sure we looked RIDICULOUS!!!!  So – we made it down the cliff alive and we spent time walking on the beach and taking photos.  We really didn’t spend much time out there – but the weather was PERFECT and it felt great.

This Saturday, I went to “Game Night” with Allison.  We had loads of fun with a great mixture of people.  I met new “foreign teachers,” ate some yummy food and really enjoyed all the games we played.  “Game Night” was held at a couple’s house and there were about 20 of us stuffed into the living room.  A few people were from Canada, one from New Zealand, two from South Africa and a few from the United States.  There were also two Korean students there.  The male host (husband) baked some awesome homemade bread – including my favorite: Pumpkin bread – which was a fine treat.  We had fun telling stories, laughing and joking.  Good Times.  We stayed over there until about 11pm and then had a nice walk back home.  Allison explained the “recycle system” to me when we returned to our building, so now – I must begin separating all my trash correctly.

Today, I went back to the beach!!!!!!  This time with Charles and his daughter.   We went a little further past the part I visited last weekend, and we also climbed to the top of a mountain with a pavilion on top.  The view from above was breath-taking and the atmosphere was extremely relaxing.  We had a great time, but we headed back early, because I had made movie plans with Lauren.   

Laurn and I went to see the Ashton Kutcher movie, “SPREAD.”  Good Lord Ashton is sooooo freakin’ gorgeous.  Very good movie actually.  A LOOOOOOT OF SEX SCENES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So – be prepared for if you plan on watching the movie.  See preview here:

After the movies – We had dinner and did some shopping and browsing at LOTTE – which is the largest “Mall” here.  Lotte is about a 30 minute walk from my home, so I walked home,  and I’m going to bed early now.  Time for a new week.  Today marks my official first month in Korea – AYYYYEEEEE – CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m celebrating soon – not next weekend – but the weekend after next in Seoul.  I am going to stay my butt in the house next weekend and then party hard in Seoul the following weekend.

We have our first school Holiday coming up on October 2nd – because Korea celebrates Thanksgiving on October 3rd this year.  So – I will leave on Friday and head to Seoul for the weekend.  CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!! 

One thing I learned this week is that all Korean men are REQUIRED to spent two years in the army.  The only way to avoid the “army time” is to pass a certain test, where the man can choose to be a police officer instead – from what I was told.  I thought that was pretty interesting.  The men don’t go at any certain age, because they can put it off for a few years if they wish, but most men serve their time by age 25.  That was the most interesting fact that I can remember from this week.  I need to remember these Korean words!!!!!!!!!!  I have been SLOWLY learning the language – but I must do better.  I still need a Korean language book, and I need to learn the alphabet!!!!!  I only know a few words so far, and I have been here a month.  Must do better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Yummy! The food looks delish.

    • YES!!! IT IS!!!! I am “finding” all the good food!!!!!!!! I need to be working-out everyday!!!!!!

  2. that is kool iam glad to see ur having fun

    • Thanks Lucien!!!! I miss you all!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

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