Posted by: evedlewis | November 3, 2009

Mount Moaksan

Time is beginning to fly by SOOOOO FAST NOW!!!!!  It’s already Halloween weekend, and I went to Mount Moaksan two weekends ago.  I just wanted to post some quick updates, because I am getting further and further behind with my blogging!!!  I will try to make shorter and more frequent entries, which will be difficult for me.  Mainly because I am a “project person” – (get a lot accomplished at once) – and also because my schedule is sooooo exhausting during the week.  But – I will try my best to make quicker and shorter updates during the next few months.  So – I went to Moaksan mountain with Charlene a few weekends ago and had a fabulous time.  The weather was absolutely perfect – not too hot and not cold at all – perfectly mild.  We climbed up Mount Moaksan for 2 hours at a slow steady pace.  We stopped a lot for photos and a little for rest, but I’m proud to say that we made it to one of the top peaks. 

The mountain side was EXTREMELY STEEP.  So much so that we ALMOST decided to turn around and head back down.  We started asking a few people on the trail, “How long until we reach the top?”  One guy said 2 hours, and another guy said 20 minutes.  All we could see was a never-ending mound of trees and earth reaching into the sky.  We could not clearly see an end point beyond the trees.  But – Turns out that we only had about 20 minutes left to climb before reaching the top.  The mountain became more and more difficult to climb as we reached closer.  We continued upward, and I am SOOOO GLAD we did, because the view from the top was spectacular.  This was the view I had been longing to see!!! 

I had gone to Mount Moaksan alone the weekend before, but I did not reach the top, because I started the climb so late in the evening (at 5pm).  I only climbed for one hour, because it started getting dark.  So – I really wanted to reach the top with Charlene.  So – we made it, and we had a brief rest and water break at the top with some other hikers.  I hope to climb more mountains while I’m here.  I could climb a different mountain everyday if I wanted, because there are so many choices.  So – be expecting to see more mountain climbing adventures soon.  I feel that LIFE is very much like Mountain climbing, so I really enjoy the challenge.  The climb can seem very difficult and almost impossible at times (much like Life sometimes).  However, reaching the top of a peak (or accomplishing your goals) – makes the uphill climb and struggle all worth it in the end.  Ya feel me???!!! 😉  The incredible view at the top was completely worth all the effort required to get there! 😉



  1. I’m glad you kept climbing. Love the pictures and your narratives are wonderful.

  2. Thank u so much Alex. Hope all is well with you. It’s always good to hear from you. 😉

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