Posted by: evedlewis | November 14, 2009

Crazy – Psycho – Busy – Fun – Weekend!!!!


Last weekend got FULLY booked completely out of nowhere!!!!!!!!!!  I had EVERY intention on grading more papers, but I ended up having a super busy crazy fun weekend instead.   I received a phone call on Friday evening to shoot a wedding for a couple I had never met in Korea on Saturday.  I had been CRAVING a photography project, as stated in my last post, so – I agreed to shoot the wedding at 3pm the next day.  I truly believe that we have the power to speak things into existence – so, I was glad that I had spoken openly about my desire to start photographing people in Korea.  I am not totally pleased with how the photos turned out, because I don’t have a 200mm lens with me here.  I really needed this particular lens to get the kind of photos I wanted at the wedding.  Also – the portrait lens I have is getting a little old and needs to be replaced.  I will be buying a new lens or two soon, and I will likely purchase a new camera next year.  So – the wedding was very nice, and I like a few of the shots at least. 

After shooting the wedding, I met up with some ladies in Gaeksa for a fun night out (Joy, Charlene, Julie and Kandace).  I assumed we would just do dinner and some dancing.  WELLLLLL – We ended up eating at a Korean Restaurant (not so good), Singing at a Nore-Bong (SOOOO FUN!), Dancing for HOURS at a dance club (SOOOOOO Freakin’ FUN!), going to ANOTHER Nore-Bong (More Fun!), and then finally calling it a “night” around 6am.  WOOOWWWW!!!!  As I type this now, I just realized that I started to lose my voice while SINGING at the Nore-Bongs over the weekend!!!!  My voice is now almost COMPLETELY gone after teaching classes all week!!!!!!!!  I had totally forgotten that my throat was already sore and strained before my week even started.  It’s alllllll making sense now!!! 😉

So – the Nore-Bongs (sp?) are VERY popular here in Korea.  These are very cool Karaoke Rooms.  A group of you and your friends get together and “rent” a room.  You all pick the songs you want to sing and enjoy hanging-out and singing together in your very own VIP Private Room! 😉 Pretty Awesome.  I am not a total fan of karaoke – but, I still had a great time. 

We went to two dance clubs before finding “THE ONE” perfect spot for dancing.  MY GOODNESS!!!!!  I could prob. write an ENTIRE BOOK on this experience alone!!!!!  I will try to quickly point out some interesting highlights.  I will first start out by saying,

– Special Thanks to Charlene for MAKING US find this place

– We saw a woman being carted away on a stretcher to the hospital from what seemed to be an over consumption of alcohol

– The DJ played on the stage – but the people are not allowed to dance on the stage – Everyone surrounded the stage and danced on the floor – even though there was PLENTY of room on the stage (this empty gap kinda bothered me)

– They played VERY GOOD American & “American Sounding” Hip-Hop music for about 20 minutes – then they took a 10 minute break (the breaks bothered me also)

– Everyone danced on the floor (not the stage) for 15-20 minutes – then everyone sat down for a break

– Well – almost everyone – we hit the dance floor a few times while everyone else was seated – that was awesome! 😉

– They played Sir-Mix A-Lot’s song “I like Big Butts” – HAAA!!!!!!  Kandace and I proceeded to RIP the dance floor to shreds

– We NEVER got a table – so, we hung out at the bar

– We were fortunate to encounter some very nice Korean guys and some awesome South African teachers

– So – I had a great time mingling with new peoples and dancing the night away

After dancing for several hours, we went downstairs to eat at the 24-hour Lotteria (pretty decent fast-food actually).  We had a WONDERFUL time talking and laughing about silly, simple things.  Then, our new “expanded” group went to a SECOND Nore-Bong and we partied hard until everyone’s energy started to fizzle away.  GA-REEEAAT TIMES!!!!!!! 

On Sunday, I was domestic in the afternoon, and then I went to Jasmine’s going away party at TGIFridays.  I hate that Jasmine is leaving, but everything seems to be very temporary here.  Pretty soon, I will be saying my goodbyes to friends also.


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