Posted by: evedlewis | November 23, 2009


Black cats, shattered glass, ladders, split poles, rabbit’s feet, the number thirteen and four-leaf clovers.  As I wrote all the various superstitions (good and bad) on the board at my school, I realized that we Americans have plenty of them!  Last Friday was November the 13th, and I noticed it early enough in the day to talk about “Superstitions” in all my Friday classes.  We had a great time discussing the American and Korean superstitions, and here are a few things I learned:

– The Number 4 is the “unlucky number” in Korea.  I teach on the fourth floor of a building, so there is an F on the elevator instead of the number 4. 

– You should not write a Korean name in RED, because it’s bad luck.

– There are several bad luck superstitions surrounding testing.  Koreans think you should not do any of the following things before a test: do not wash your hair, do not drop anything, and do not eat any seaweed.

– The following things are good luck: four-leaf clover (one thing in common), seeing a gold pig in your dream, and eating candy or chocolate before a test.

Pretty Interesting Right??!?!?!?  I thought so!! 😉


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