Posted by: evedlewis | November 29, 2009


So – I was sick for the entire first part of November.  My body was extremely weak, I had no energy, and I had a range of issues from a common cold to a sore throat.  I completely lost my voice a few weekends ago, so my Director asked me to come into work late and leave early (come in right before my first class and leave right after my last class).  I am so thankful that he allowed me to have a little more free time to heal.  I was able to take care of myself and get better without having to take off any days from work.  I never “felt” completely sick, since I never had a fever or vomiting.  I just didn’t feel 100%, so I went to the doctor a few times, just to make sure that I didn’t have the swine flu.  Thankfully,  I just had a an upper respiratory cold and a very sore throat.

I am FINALLY taking vitamins and exercising again on a daily basis.  The doctor also recommended that I take iron pills and gave me some iron tablets for my anemia.  In addition to my “supplements”  – I have been consistently eating well – lots of home cooked meals with veggies and fresh fruit.  So – I am feeling much more healthy at this time.  I hope to keep up my daily work-out routine and get through the winter without gaining any weight.  I have certainly lost weight since I’ve been here.  But – I think I have just lost the weight that I gained during the first month of being here.  I always seem to gain a little weight whenever there is a little “change” in my life or my schedule.

So – now that I am FULLY adjusted to my life in Korea, I have been doing well with taking better care of myself.  I think I may have said this already – but – I’m also beginning to VALUE MY SLEEP!!!!!!!!!  I have always been a night owl – but I have become more and more strict about MAKING myself go to sleep at night.  I have to get quality sleep to function well, and I still need to do better.  There are times when I still stay up all night and other times when I don’t fall asleep until after 2am, but I have been much more aware of how much I need sleep.  My poor little eyes have dark circles, bags and lines!!!!!!!!!!  I must get to sleep earlier!!!!!!!!!  I feel like the president who ages quickly after being in office for just a few months!!!!!!!  I can’t look this worn out after being here for a year!!!!!  These kids will NOT AGE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I will not allow it!!!!!!!!!! 😉

If you are in Jeonju, and you need to go see an English speaking Doctor, I recommend you go see Dr. Moon.  His office is on the first floor of Bone Hospital in Jhu-Wha-San-Dong.  Get into a taxi and say “Bone Beyongwon”.  When you walk through the front doors of the hospital, ask to see Doctor Moon.  His door is the first door on the right past the lobby chairs.


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