Posted by: evedlewis | November 29, 2009

Pamper Weekend In Seoul


Last weekend Charlene and I went to Seoul together for some fun and pampering.  We arrived late on Friday night/Saturday morning around 1am.  After dropping off our bags at the hotel, we went straight to the club district.  We probably should have gone to Itaewon, but we decided to hit Hongdae, which is another popular party area.  Unfortunately, we got in a Black taxi (they are more expensive), and went 40 minutes the WRONG WAY – because we wanted to go to Sincheon FIRST – not Sinchon.  So – we kinda missed out on the good club crowds by the time we arrived.  We ended up at the HO BAR – HAAAA!!!! And had a good time there – they played REALLY good music the entire time.

Charlene insisted that we ride the subway back to the hotel to save money, since she spent $30 for the cab ride out to Hongdae.  Ummmm – call me a prissy b*tch, but I hate the subway system in Seoul.  I prefer the cabs.  So – we end up spending 2 hours on the subway because NEITHER of us knew where to go, and we didn’t understand the routes.  Obviously – the Korean people there don’t understand the system either, because we had about 10 different people give us the wrong instructions on how to get back to the hotel.

So – we had a long and adventurous subway ride, which included watching a beautiful sunrise over the city and talking to some other English-speaking Korean women on the train.  When we finally made it back to the hotel around 7am, we planned to go upstairs and get some sleep, but something urged us to check out the breakfast buffet downstairs.  GOOD THING WE DID!!!!!!!!!!!!  Uhhhh – WOWWWWWW!!!!!  YUMMY Breakfast spread!!!!!!!!  We didn’t eat anything while we were out, so we were starving!!!!!!!!!  Charlene mentioned our “unfortunate” cab ride to the wrong side of town to the front desk clerk.  He gave us both a free breakfast coupon for our troubles.  YAYYYY!!!!  SO WE GOT A FREE BREAKFAST!!!!!!!!!  WAS SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!

After our wonderful breakfast, we went across the street to check out the prices on the Thai Massage.  We decided to get the massages later and head out to get our pedicures and manicures first.  We both got ready, took lots of pics and headed to Itaewon.  We walked back to the subway station, and I could hear horror music in my head as we got closer to the subway entrance.  We wasted a good 30 minutes trying to get a subway card for me, and I finally said, “Charlene – we are taking a MF CAB! Let’s GO!!!”  So – I kept the subway card as a keepsake, but I stuck with the cabs for the rest of the trip.

Don’t get it twisted, I don’t mind taking the subway if I KNOW where I’m going, and I can READ the language (my Korean is NOT that good yet!).  I love the subway system in New York and Atlanta.  I just don’t like to waste time, and we wasted a lot of time messing with the subway in Seoul.  Though – we did have fun together while going in a huge circle around the city.

So – we made it to Itaewon and got our mani/pedis.  This nail shop also has TANNING!!!!!!!!!!!  We spent a long time getting our mani/pedis though, so I decided to go back for tanning another time.  We both did some shopping, and got some new coats and cute hats.  It was FA-REEZING the entire weekend!!!!!!!!!  In case you are wondering, the mani/pedis in Korea are VERY EXPENSIVE.  They charge $60.00 for the BASIC SERVICE.  I normally pay $20-$30 for a good mani/pedi in Atlanta, so the prices here are pretty much TRIPLE what I pay in the states.  So weird how many things are different!!!!  For example: I can pay $20 to see a doctor here, but I have to pay $60 to get my nails done.  Hmmmmm – really weird.

We ended our wonderful Saturday with some DELICIOUS INDIAN FOOD!!!!!!!  OMG!!!  WAS SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!  Charlene decided to go out again with some other friends on Saturday, and I decided to get some SLEEP in my COMFY HOTEL BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Remember – we did not get any sleep on Friday.  By midnight on Saturday, I needed to recharge my batteries.  So – I got some wonderful sleep, woke up late on Sunday and headed across the street to get my massage. 

Now – I mention all these wonderful “things” that I do on facebook and on my blog, because I think it’s important for some people to be encouraged to do “things” that we sometimes pass over or think we don’t deserve.  I don’t mention things I do to brag or to make anyone feel bad.  In addition to updating my friends and family on my adventures, I really hope to encourage others to live a life filled with exercise, massages, travel, fun, learning, growth and new life experiences.  We are all busy, we all don’t have enough money, and we all have families.  None of those things should stop any one of us from enjoying life and all the simple pleasures of life.  I think some people neglect themselves when it comes to de-stressing and enjoying life, so I hope to encourage others to take advantage of all the wonderful things this short life has to offer. 

With all that being said, I got a FANTASTIC TWO HOUR FULL BODY MASSAGE for $100 from a place called Thai Massage.  OHHHHH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!  This dude used his hands, his fingers, his forearms, some HOT STONES and some AROMATIC OILS all over my body!!!!!!!!!!  It was PERFECT!!!!!!!!!  You would think that 2 hours would be enough time to feel completely “massaged”.  But – To be perfectly honest – I DID NOT WANT IT TO END!!!!!!  I did feel like I was floating in the air when it was over, but I  could have easily gone for another 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!  Nevertheless – I came back to Jeonju feeling all brand new!!!!!!!! 😉



  1. $100 for a 2 HOUR THAI MASSAGE!!!!!! That right there is enough reason for me to visit you LOL!!! You would pay about $250 or more here in Atlanta. I don’t blame you. I love reading your blogs!!!

    • HAAAAAA!!!! EXACTLY!!!!! GIRRRLLLL!!!!! Although the mani/pedi cost is a little higher – there are other things that are SOOOOOO Cheap here compared to the states!!!! Even the hotel rooms!!! You can get a NICE room here for $45 to $75 – the same room would cost $150 – $250 per night in Atlanta. I’m taking FULL ADVANTAGE!!!!!!!! Thanks for reading 😉

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    • Thank you!! I will be adding more posts very soon!! 😉

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