Posted by: evedlewis | December 8, 2009

BIG Birthday Weekend

We had two birthdays to celebrate in Jeonju this weekend.  I really like that we have such a strong “foreign community” here that will get together for special occasions.  I went to Santel’s tea party on Saturday afternoon in the snow (just snow flurries) – which was nice.  Then, an entire group of us went out for dinner at a Korean restaurant for Kandace’s Birthday.  Although Korean food is not my favorite, I tried the grilled meat, and it was okay.  It looked and tasted like Bacon, but I’m not even sure what it was.  We had some curry food before going to dinner, so I was nice and full at the Korean restaurant.  After dinner, the party animals went to a Noreabang (sp?) and then to Music Bank for some dancing.  We all had a great time.  I was careful not to strain my voice this time at the Noreabang and did very limited singing.  I did not hold back on the dance floor though, and I got another great sweaty dance workout all night long.    

Of course I slept in late and had a wonderfully relaxing Sunday.  I stayed in the house all day long, cooked and worked on my book.  I will be spending more and more time on my book now, as I plan to have it finished and published by the time I get back to the states.  In addition to teaching and enjoying my time here in Korea, my more serious pursuits include: earning my TESOL certification, learning more Korean and completely finishing my book.  You could say that these are a few of my 2010 goals.  My book about marriage is about 70% complete, and I need to get into full gear to crank out the FINAL product within 9 months (like having a baby – HAAA!!!!).  I will be posting updates on my progress…….


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