Posted by: evedlewis | December 23, 2009

New Term + New Classes = YAYYYY!!!!

The term ended at my school when I returned to work on Monday.  We started a new term on Tuesday, so I have new classes, new students and a new schedule.  I am very excited about this newness.  Even though I wish we had started the new semester in January (after the holidays), I’m really glad to have some freshness at the school.  We ordered books before the term started, so I spend Tuesday and Wed. passing out all the new books to all my students and starting the new lessons.  My new work schedule is 3pm – 10pm.  Coming in an hour later has made a big difference in my life.  I now work 35 hours per week instead of 40 hours.  I have had the same classes and same students for 4 months, so I was ready for the old term to come to an end.  I loved all my old students, and I enjoyed the classes, but it was time for a change.  If you went to college, you may recall when the term was coming to an end.  Even if you enjoyed the class, you typically were exhausted and relieved to have a break by the end.  This is how I felt.  I enjoy teaching and learning, but I really like the shift.  So – I had a great first week with my new students.  I even have a class of fourth graders this term, and they are delightful.

My Director got a sub to teach my classes during my vacation, and I was very thankful for this.  I have heard some horror stories from people who are unable to take their vacation time when they expect because their Director will not allow them to leave.  I am so blessed, fortunate and THANKFUL to be working for a kind, considerate, fair and understanding Director.  I could not have asked for a better boss.  Thank you God!


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