Posted by: evedlewis | January 8, 2010

Welcome 2010!

We are approaching the middle of January 2010 already!!!!!  YIKES!!!!!!!!  I wanted to quickly post a few of my 2010 goals and reflect on some goals that I accomplished in 2009.  I am a firm believer in speaking everything into existence.  To that end, I always write down my top goals and work throughout the year to accomplish them.  Of course, since I’m human, I may not fully achieve every single goal; but I damn sure work hard to do my best and come close. 

In 2009:

I ran my first ever Atlanta Peachtree Road Race.  My goal was to run all 6 miles.  I trained relatively hard and was able to run 3 miles non-stop walk a mile and run the rest.  Extremely proud of this and LOOOOVED the experience!

Every year I commit to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  I was extremely determined to work out in DIFFERENT ways in 2009, and I accomplished this goal by hiring a personal trainer.  For the first few months of the year I worked out intensely with a wonderful guy who introduced me to some exercises and techniques I had never used before.  I achieved great results through our sessions and focused on running (training for the race) around May.

Another goal was to increase my photography business, which I did.  Before I left the states in August, I was averaging 5 shoots per week. 

I accomplished the MAJOR goal of traveling to a distant land to teach English in August of 2009!  I have been wanting to teach in Korea since I was about 20 years old!!!  I remember seeing an ad for this sort of opportunity when I was in my twenties, but it wasn’t a good time for me to go at that time.  2009 marked a year of tremendous change in my life, and Korea was a big part of that change.  I had to accomplish MANY small goals to make the trip to Korea possible.  Very glad that everything worked out in my favor!   

A few financial goals: Got my taxes done, paid down some debts, and bought a new laptop – YAYYY!!!!! 😉 

Work-related:  My goal was to remain employed at Harry Norman, Realtors for 3-5 years.  I was laid of in March, which marked a little over 3 years – PERFECT!!!!  I was very glad to have put in 3 years there and was excited to move into the next phase of my life!!!   

Unrealized personal goals:  I REALLY wanted to go white water rafting in the summer and never went.  I also wanted to do a photo-shoot with Derek Blanks, which did not happen.  These two goals are on my list for 2010.

Lastly, I am still working on this book!!!  I’m working on it with a half-heart, and that is exactly why it’s half-way done and not complete!!!  I plan to have this book finished in 2010.

2010 Goals:

TOP PRIORITY!!!!  I MUST get to sleep earlier and wake up earlier on a daily basis!!!!! I MUST GET MORE QUALITY SLEEP in 2010!!!!  (I say this as I’m typing this post at 5am)

1) Finish my book
2) Publish my book
3) Sell my book
4) Get my TESOL certification (teaching English as a second language)
5) Get back into Top Shape – Run/Exercise Daily
6) Be more disciplined about my time – and getting to places on time
7) Take more “artistic” photos – (photos w/o a purpose)
8) Write shorter blog updates more frequently
9) Must have a photoshoot with Derek Blanks when I return to the states
10) Must decide if I will teach in South America next or stay in Korea – if I stay in Korea – I will teach at a public school and get more vacation time to travel.  Big Decision – not sure what to do yet.

Other personal goals:  I want to go white water rafting this summer!!!!  I also want to climb more mountains while I’m here.  I have climbed 3 since I’ve been here – and I want to continue climbing more and more!!!!!  I bought a new camera lens in 2009 – and I’m thinking of buying a new camera body in 2010.  I will def. be going to Jeju Island and Tokyo for my summer vacation.  I would like to hit Australia before I leave this side of the world, and I feel like I must stay in South America for a while (a few weeks at least) before going back home to Atlanta.  We shall see how all of this pans out.

Thank you God for blessing me with another year on this beautiful earth!  Please continue to guide and protect me and those I love in 2010.  Allow me to make the BEST decisions in my life and to bless others according to your will.  Surround me with smart, loving positive people and keep all others at a distance.  Thank you for your continued blessings and eternal love.  Amen.


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