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I played tennis last weekend for the first time in over 6 months.  I had not seen any tennis courts since I arrived in Jeonju, so I was glad to have found two different courts while I was out.  On Saturday, I bought a new racket with Allison, and on Sunday I played tennis for two hours with my co-worker, Charles. 

Allison was kind enough to go with me to get my racket, and she was a big help when it came to discussing options with the store owner.  They didn’t have a large selection of rackets, and only two rackets were strung.  I picked an affordable Head racket, and we waited for it to be strung.  I also bought a blender, so I can make smoothies during the Spring and summer months.  OHHHH!!!!  AND – I also found tortillas!!!!!!!!!!!!  HAAA!!!!!!  I am beginning to see that I can EVENTUALLY find everything I need here.  I just may have to visit 5 different stores first – in various locations.  So – I had a very productive “shopping day” on Saturday for some necessary Spring items. 

Sunday was AWESOME!!!  The weather was perfect!!!!!!!!!!!  (for January in Korea at least) – Charles and his wife came to pick me up, and his wife dropped us off at a tennis facility where Charles has a membership.  All the players there were very nice and friendly.  Charles is a great player, so we had some really good volleys.  I was not as rusty as I expected, and I got a great work-out.  Was sooooooo glad to be out there – and I can’t wait to play again soon!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately, I started experiencing some extremely bad side and lower back pain on Sunday night, but I just figured it was from the Tennis.  I didn’t sleep well.  I actually had some slight back pain before playing, so I figured the activity just made it worse.  Well – the pain got worse, and worse.  By Wednesday, I was having severe constant pain along with flu systems.  I was thinking to myself – “FUCCKKKKK!!!!  I’M SICK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!”  I was dizzy, weak, having headaches, chills and simply not feeling good AT ALL.  I managed to make it through my work week by taking theraflu and getting plenty of rest.  I didn’t eat much of anything all week.

On Friday, I felt like I had been hit by a truck.  I could barely move.  I somehow managed to get myself together to go to the Hospital.  I am SOOOOO GLAD I did – and I wish I had gone on Wed. instead of waiting.  Turns out that I have a FREAKIN’ KIDNEY INFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!  UGGGHHHH!!!!!!  WHYYYYYY??!??!?!?  I have had one before, so when the doc diagnosed me, I knew exactly what that meant, and I almost started to cry.  Not really because it was bad news, but because it made me remember the LAST kidney infection I had several years ago.

FORTUNATELY, the infection I have this time is not NEARLY as bad as the one I had in the past.  The last time I had a Kidney Infection, I had to spend the night at Emory Hospital, as they ran several different tests on me.  I was in excruciating pain the entire time, in that freezing cold hospital – it was awful.  I will never forget that.  I could not even sit up straight.  The pain in my side had immobilized me.  (I didn’t have any of these weird flu symptoms back then though – just the pain in my side).

So – I am actually VERY relieved to have a diagnosis, and I will be on antibiotics for the next two weeks.  I should HOPEFULLY start feeling better in a couple of days, once the meds get into my system.  Unfortunately, this ordeal completely destroyed my plans to play tennis this weekend, which makes me really sad!!!!! 😦  I really hope to my dear God that this is it!!!!  No more sickness or illness for me please!!!!!!!!!!!  I have a lot to do and a lot to enjoy!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

Sidenote:  Kidney infections are very common in women – almost as common as yeast infections and urinary or bladder infections.  Statistics show that every woman will have at least one in her lifetime.  Sorry if this is TMI – but, I  just wanted everyone to know that life as a woman continues in Korea.  Recognizing the symptoms early is key for proper treatment, so I thought I would share my story to make other women aware of this common illness.  I am thankful that I am very close to hospitals and clinics with doctors I trust for these sorts of issues.  Hoping these antibiotics make me feel better soon, and I’m hoping my symptoms don’t get any worse.

Here’s more info – if you are interested:



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