Posted by: evedlewis | January 24, 2010

LAUNDRY DAY!!!!!!!!!!

I saw and used a DRYER today for the first time in 5 months!!!!!!!!!  YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!  BIG ACHIEVEMENT!!!!!!!!  SO EXCITED!!!! 😉

Reminder: Most people in Korea do not have a dryer in their home – including me.  I do have a washing machine – but no dryer.  I have been washing and hanging my clothes up to dry since I arrived.

TODAY HOWEVER; on this glorious Sunday, I asked my friend Joy if she could please drive us to the Laundromat, which is not far from us.  She agreed, and we arrived around 7:30pm.

Mind you – we are in Korea.  So, when I say Laundromat, I mean a very small place with 3 washers and 3 dryers.  The building  is extremely clean and the equipment is new and functional, so I was very excited to be there.  I spotted the Laundromat for the first time a few months ago.  I was in a taxi, and we sped by it.  I said to myself as we passed, “HOLY CRAP!!  It’s a laundromat!”  Though I wanted to jump out of the cab at that very moment to marvel at this miracle in Jeonju, I simply planned to come back another time.

I passed by it again a few weeks ago, and I made sure to make a mental note of its EXACT location.  So – today was the perfect day to pay a visit.   Since I had been sick and having cold sweats at night, my sheets and covers were filled with nasty germs that I wanted to wash away immediately.  Well – it takes about 3-5 days for clothes to dry without a dryer.  I figured it would be worth the effort, time and the money to pack two machines full with my clothes and my bed linen before the work week.

So – everything started out well.  Joy put her clothes in one washing machine.  I put my clothes in another washing machine.  Then, I put my sheets and covers in another washing machine.  However, I noticed that the last machine was different from the other ones.  It didn’t have the compartments at the top to pour the detergent onto the clothes.  Hmmmmm…….I looked closer for some other options.  No such luck.  So I said to Joy, “there is nowhere to put the detergent!”  She said, “just put it inside the machine!”  I said, “just pour it in here with the clothes?” She said, “Yeah”.  Hmmmmm…..okay.  So – I did.  Then, I pushed the buttons and waited for the water to fill.

I watched the front window of the machine for a minute and wondered why the sudsy water had not started to swish around.  I walked back to the washer and noticed that there seemed to be hot steam marks on the glass.  What in the world was going on?!  I opened the door and said, “OHHHH SHIT!!!  This is a DRYER!!!!!” YIKESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Looking more closely at the machine, I said outloud, “this says right here in plain English COMMERCIAL DRYER.”  I looked at Joy with the “OMG – what do we do now?” look, and we both started to laugh.  I felt really bad, but at this point, there was nothing we could do.  The other washer was occupied, so we had to leave my clothes in there until one of the other machines became vacant. 

I planned to soak up all the liquid detergent with my clothes and hoped that I didn’t cause any damage to the machine.  Sorry Laundromat owner!!!!!!!!  So – we left and went to Dinner at a Korean Pizza place called Mr. Pizza across the street.  The food was actually very good. 

We went back to finish the laundry, and there was a police man talking to what looked like the laundromat owner inside the building.  OMG!!!!  I was going to be arrested!!!!!!  HAAAAA!!!!!!!  Totally kidding.  We switched out the clothes into the dryers, and I put my last load into the REAL washer.  The dryer seemed to be fine.  We went to E-mart to get some shopping done while the clothes were finishing.

After grocery shopping, we just had to wait on my last load to dry.  We entered the laundromat and smelled the scent of our freshly dried clothes.  Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!  We were both beaming with delight, as we removed our warm, fluffy garments from the dryers. 😉

We started talking as we folded clothes on the huge table and then……..all of a sudden………………..all the lights went off.  Ummmmmm………..not sure why – but, the Laundromat was now pitch black and we were folding clothes in the dark.  Once again, we laughed and carried on.  The sign outside said this was a 24-hour Laundromat.  Maybe they turn off the lights at a certain hour?!?!?!?Thank Goodness the dryer was still operating!!!!!  So – we packed the last load of dry clothes into a bag and headed home.

I must say that I am totally thrilled about my first Laundromat experience in Korea – and I can’t wait to go back again.  Not sure if I’m going back every weekend to do laundry now……………or just on special occasions.  We shall see! 😉

Here’s a HILARIOUS video that COMPLETELY explains why the Laundromat experience was such a JOY!!!!!!!!



  1. Hey girl,
    Your blog is amazing. Keep up the good work.


    • Thanks Joy!!!! YOU are amazing!!!! xoxoxoxo BTW – I went back to the Laundromat this past weekend – using a cab!!!! That was crazy – but it worked out 😉

  2. what is the korean word for laundromat? I’d like to find one near me!


    • Hey Dax – sorry for the late response. Try: Bbal – leh – bang

  3. This is fabulous news; we despaired that we would not be able to do our laundry during our two month stay in Korea traveling around. Only wish we knew about this last week when we arrived in Jeonju. Our current hotel in Jeonju (Benikea Hansung) says it does not do laundry for guests and had no idea what a laundry was. (Had to telephone a “translation service”.) Thanks for your great posts! Audre & Dimitri
    Photo website:

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