Posted by: evedlewis | January 25, 2010

Essay Contest This Week – AYYYEEEE!!!!

We are having an “Essay Contest” at my school this week – yayyy!!!!  Pretty exciting!!!! 😉  I’m excited to READ the essays, but – ummmmmm – not so excited about having to edit and grade them all.  ALL of my classes are participating, so that means over 100 papers to read and edit.  We are choosing the winners from each class, and the winners will get a prize.  I am VERY interested to see what kind of prizes will be given.  I normally give mechanical pencils to students who have been on good behavior or done something really awesome (and yes – they LOOOVE them!).  I’m not sure what the winners will receive from this contest.  I REALLY hope it’s something good.

So – I spent last week and this week preparing all of my kids for the big contest – even my fourth graders!!!!  They will write the essay in class on Wed. and Thurs.  Some of the practice essays I heard were very impressive, so I hope they do well.  We do realize that many students will NOT be able to write a full essay – with a clear intro, 3 body paragraphs and a conclusion.  However, we are going to see how they do.  The point is not to have a perfect essay, but to make the effort.  Should be pretty interesting.

I’m thinking that I would really like to record the winners reading their essays to the class.  I have a wonderful camera, but I don’t have a video recorder.  I REALLY need to invest in a small camera with a video recording function.  Hmmmmmm………maybe I can borrow one from someone……….

Anyways – After the essay contest, we will get back to the books.  We are almost finished with the SPWriting books for this semester in all my classes (Speaking/Writing).  I have already tested a few of my classes.  We will be reading novels for the rest of the semester after everyone has been tested on the SPWriting.  So – this semester has been going really well so far.

We planned that this term would come to an end in March, but we are now having to end the term in February.  I have one month to get through a novel in all my classes, which should work out fine.  A new law in Korea states that “all Hogwans (private academies) must be closed by 10pm – instead of 11pm”.  The new rule is effective on March 1st, so we must make a new schedule at the end of February and start the new term a month early.  We currently have classes at the academy that run past 11pm, so the entire schedule will have to change starting in March.


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