Posted by: evedlewis | January 27, 2010

Lunar New Year Weekend – Coming Soon!

The Lunar New Year is coming up soon, and I can’t wait for another three-day weekend!!!!  We will have the Monday off after Valentine’s Day weekend to celebrate – YAYYYY!!!!  I am planning a trip to Seoul, and I REAALLLLLYYYYY want to go to EVERLAND this time.  Everland is South Korea’s equivalent of Six Flags/White Water.  However, part of their water park is INDOORS!!!!!!!!!  AYYYEEEE!!!!  Sounds very exciting!!!!!  I hope the weather will be nice enough for us to go!!!!  This trip to Seoul will be with a few of my lady friends from Jeonju.  If everyone goes, there will be six of us going together (Me, Charlene, Raquel, Joy, Julie and Kay).  Check out Everland:

We are also planning a Spa Day at the Dragon Hill Hotel, which looks FANTASTIC.  I would like to visit the Casino’s again and also do some shopping in Itaewon as well.  I’m sure we will hit the club scene at night.  So – this is how I plan to spend my Lunar New Year weekend – just a few weeks from now 😉  Check out the Dragon Hill Spa:

I have had so many WONDERFUL Valentine’s Day weekends with my husband in the past, and his birthday in also on Feb. 15th.  We normally do a really big double celebration for his birthday weekend, and then we typically do another big celebration for my birthday in March.  I hate that we will not have a chance to celebrate together this year, but I hope he can do something fun for himself in the states. 

As for me – I HOPE TO BE HEALTHY enough to enjoy myself here during the weekend.  I am praying that I don’t get sick or have another health crisis!!!!!!!!!!! 😉


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