Posted by: evedlewis | February 26, 2010

My 6th Month Anniversary!!! 25 Things I will Miss About Korea!!!

Woowwww!!  Time does fly!!! 😉 It’s my 6th month anniversary in Korea.  Yayyyy!!! 😉  I arrived here at the end of August in 2009, and now we are at the end of February 2010.  I have missed many people and things in the states since I’ve been here.  Now, I’m realizing that I will miss many people and things in Korea once I leave.  To celebrate the last six wonderful months, I decided to compile a list of the top 25 things I will miss about Korea (in no particular order).

25 things I will miss about Korea – in no particular order:
#1: The mountains!  The mountains are amazing – and I will really miss having full access to nearby ranges.

2: The sidewalks! The sidewalks are incredible – and perfect for walking and jogging.  I will totally miss the sidewalks.
#3: The taxis! The taxi drivers are like speed racers who are on a mission to get u where u need to be in lightning speed.  They act as if they will win a gold medal or earn a big tip if they get you to your destination within seconds.  Funny thing: tipping is not even “allowed” in Korea.  You have seen a “high-speed chase” scene on an action movie right???!  You know how the people shift in the car and get whiplash.  Okay – well, that’s EXACTLY what riding in a taxi is like in Korea.  Pretty exciting actually!!!! 😉 The drivers are also very kind and friendly for the most part.  I will really miss being chauffeured around.
#4: The corner stores!  There are 4 corner stores within steps from my door.  I LOVE being able to go in and grab whatever little things I may need within 5 minutes.  Corner stores also line every other street in Korea, so you can always run in and get some goodies at any moment.
#5: My lovely – FREE apt! I will really miss my place.  It may be small and somewhat tacky – but it’s home sweet home.
#6: Everyone at my school – especially my Director!!!! I will REALLY miss all my co-workers.  They are all wonderful people.  I am so blessed to be working with them.
#7: The kids at my school!!!! I will REALLY miss all my kids!  All the students are special and have made my time here enjoyable.
#8: The Korean styles!  Clothing and Hair. OMG!!!  I will REALLY miss seeing so many men dressed in suits with their “hair done” – and so many women dressed up and wearing heels.
#9: The words “health and well-being” – I have seen the words “for your health” and “well-being” so many times in Korea.  On pillows, at restaurants, on menus, on signs, and on almost EVERY product!!!!  My plastic saran wrap is even called “well-being wrap”.  Really?!?!?!?!  Ha ha ha ha!!!  I will miss all the “healthy” marketing messages.
#10: The COFFEE and the COFFEE SHOPS!  Wow – I know I’m gonna go through withdrawal over the Korean coffee and the coffee shops!!!!  I have never had coffee this good – and there are about 5 convenient coffee shops near my house that I will really, really miss. (I’ll miss the friendly staff too)
#11: My FRIENDS!!!!!! I’m going to REALLY miss all the awesome friends I have made here in Korea!!! 😦
#12: Trips to Seoul!!  I will REALLY miss Seoul A LOT!!!!  I love going there – and will miss the weekend escapes.
#13: The heated floors! The heated floors are incredible, and they are everywhere!  I will really miss them.
#14: The cheap prices of certain things! I will REALLY miss going to the doctor and paying $10 or $20.  I will miss getting my hair done for $10 and getting a massage for half price.
#15: The fruit!  The fruit seems fresher here – I think because it comes from the nearby countryside.  I will really miss the small oranges and the huge strawberries and apples.
#16: The boutiques!  OMG!!!!  I have bought so many cute dresses since I’ve been here.  I love all the little boutiques and the great prices.  I will really miss the selection of cool clothes and the ability to bargain shop.
#17: All the friendly and helpful people.  I have encountered soooooo many friendly, lovely people in Korea.  I will miss all the kind hearts and sweet spirits. 
#18: The random gifts!  I have received SOOOOO MANY random gifts – from food to socks!  I’m sure I will miss all these kind gestures when I return to the states.
#19: E-mart, Lotte Cinema, Megabox and the DVD rooms!  I will miss these places, because I visit them often.  I do most of my shopping at E-mart, and I love watching movies at Lotte Cinema, the Megabox and the DVD rooms. 
#20: I’m sure I will miss Bi-Bim-Bop and Korean noodles at some point – maybe 😉

#21: I will miss seeing flip-flops!!!!!  Everyone wears flip-flops!!!!  I especially love seeing men in flip-flops.  HOTTTT!!!!   Especially when coupled with the SUPER SEXXXY and confident Korean male walk – OWWWWW!!!!!

#22: Glasses!!!  I will miss seeing the “Korean-style” glasses!!!!!!!!! 😉

#23: All the neon signs!!!!!!!!!  I will miss seeing all the church and business neon signs!!!!!!!!!

#24: Hand holding!!!!  I will miss seeing so many people holding hands, showing affection and giving massages in public.

#25: The ABSENCE OF POLICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This should actually be #1!!!!! 😉


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