Posted by: evedlewis | March 18, 2010

My Birthday In Korea


I had a wonderful “pre-birthday celebration” with my close friends in Jeonju this past weekend.  We started off the evening with dinner and a movie.  Joy and I walked down to the Lotte Cinema and met Jasmine for an early dinner at a nice Italian restaurant there.  After dinner, we watched the movie “It’s Complicated”, which was fantastic.  I cried in the theater, as I often do when I watch movies that touch my heart. 

Next, we decided to go bowling.  We had not made prior plans to bowl, but we all agreed that this would be a fun adventure.  So, a group of us headed over to the alley to knock down some pins.  I was glad we got a lane this time, because we have tried to bowl twice before in Korea with no luck.  Once the bowling place was closed and the next time the place was so packed that we couldn’t get a lane.  Since I had no idea we were going to bowl, I played in a dress.  HAAAA!!!!  I looked ridiculous and my score was awful, but we still had a great time.   After bowling, we were ready for an evening treat, so we went to Baskin Robbins for some delish ice cream.  I am always amazed to see the amount of food that Koreans order and share.  We were surrounded by couples and friends who were sharing tremendously large fondue dishes and gigantic containers filled with various ice cream flavors.  I could barely eat my small cup of cream. 

Our evening ended at one of my favorite places called “Art and Travel”.  I have mentioned this swanky place before, which is known for its hypnotic teas, tantalizing music and its cozy, dim underground atmosphere.  They have Scrabble games and an assortment of other games for guests to play, and the walls are covered with pictures and art.   We found a great table in the corner and had a seat on the floor.  After having girl talk over tea, we broke out the Scrabble game and enjoyed the word challenges until our brains became weak.  I had a wonderful fun-filled day and retired at about 3am.

On Sunday, I went on a very long walk with Charlene along the trails of the Jeonju River.  The river runs through Jeonju and stretches for miles and miles, so we walked and talked for hours.  After our long walk, we enjoyed an early dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Krazy Burger.  I have been eating salads everyday for the past few weeks, so I had a fantastic grilled chicken salad, and we shared a yummy burger.  

Yesterday was my official birthday.  I was COMPLETELY surprised to receive a delivery of gorgeous roses from my husband, which came right before I was leaving for work.  When I arrived at work, my director surprised me with a birthday cake.  My co-workers sung the “happy birthday” song, and we all enjoyed pieces of my strawberry cake together with chopsticks.  😉  The cakes in Korea are beautiful and made with very little sugar.  So, the desserts are light and flavorful without being heavy and fattening.  Funny that my Director and Esther didn’t know what kind of cake to order, but we ended up with strawberry, which is one of my favorites 😉 YAYY!!!! 😉

Jasmine and Alex treated me to lunch today, and we decided to eat at a vegetarian buffet.  I’m very glad we chose this place where you can eat whatever you want for $10.00.  We had never been there before, and we were all pleasantly surprised.  I had a huge salad, and some other really good veggie dishes.  My favorite dish was a broccoli and “fake chicken” dish, which reminded me of the vegetarian Chinese food served at Harmony in Atlanta.  I ate the broccoli and “chicken” over some rice that looked like barley.  Very tasty!!!!!  So – my birthday has officially come to an end now.  I have spoken to all my close friends and family by phone or by chat over the past few days, so I feel very satisfied.  I am extremely thankful for all my close relationships, and I’m very fortunate and blessed to be loved by such wonderful people. 😉

I’m not sure what I will do this weekend yet.  I have mentioned playing pool to my friends.  I may go to the mountains on Sat.  Maybe do some Salsa dancing on Sat. night.  My Director and Esther have offered to take me to dinner on Sunday evening.  So, the “after party” and birthday celebrating will continue.  I kinda even feel like going to a club – maybe.  😉 Perhaps I will get all jazzy and dance the night away – Hmmmm.  I would love to play tennis during the day if the weather will allow.  The rain, snow and cold weather is still lingering here, and I can’t wait until it goes away for good.  There was a light snow mixed with freezing rain last night as I walked home from work.  Once again, I CANNOT WAIT to go sunbathe at the BEACHES!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are now in mid-March, and we should have REAL Spring weather by April.  I’m so glad that my contract ends at the end of August.  I can’t wait to have four steady months of burning hot weather soon!!!!!!!!!!!!  MAKE IT HURRY!!!!!!!!!!


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