Posted by: evedlewis | March 28, 2010

Birthday Weekend :: Part 2

You would think that I would grow tired of buying dresses and pampering myself, but I can honestly say that this trend has not become lame or lost its wonderlust as of yet.  I had another great weekend after my Birthday, which included a pedicure, a day back in the salon, an evening at the DVD room and a relaxing Sunday. (I promise that my next few posts will have more substance!!!!) 😉

I spent Saturday morning at the nail shop with Allison and got my typical pedicure.  Next, we enjoyed a great lunch at Outback.  I met Esther in my hood after lunch, and we walked over to the hair salon around the corner.  There were a few customers there before us, so we waited for a little while for our stylist.  We learned that she is the only stylist there, she owns the shop, and she looks younger than 30.  We were impressed with this information, but even more impressed with her skill level after she admitted that she had only been doing hair for two years.  We both agreed that she has raw talent.  She works with hair so naturally and gracefully.  If anyone is looking for a great hair salon in Jeonju, her shop is called “Artygen” in Ju – Wa – San – Dong.  Ask the taxi driver to drop you at the “Shin Tong Ha Marte” – her salon is just a few steps South on the left.  Her name is Soo-Bin-Seo, and her cell is 010-5161-3363 (she only speaks Korean).  I always admire and try to support young entrepreneurs who are good at what they do.  

Esther received what they call a “Magic Perm”.  I’m still not sure exactly what that means, but the “magic” was a very long process.  We were there for a while as Esther had chemicals, a rotating heater, rollers and a pressing iron on her hair.  The end result was fantastic!!!!  Esther’s hair looked very healthy and silky after the magical transformation.  I should have asked the stylist to add some of the chemicals to my hair, but I thought about it too late.  My hair was trimmed and pressed with the straightening iron.  I was pleased with the results, but it won’t last very long since I didn’t add any “perm chemicals”.  Maybe next time.  Since she only charges $10.00 to “do my hair” – I will be going to her more often.

After the hair shop, Esther and I headed to Gaeksa (downtown shopping area).  We were excited to find and buy some jeans for $13.00.  I can barely fit them, but hopefully they will stretch a little as I wear them 😉  I didn’t have much luck with dress shopping this time.  We went to the DVD room next and watched 4 Christmases, which was a great movie.  Esther had never been to a DVD room, so she enjoyed the experience.  We both agreed that we should have DVD rooms in the states.

The DVD rooms here are like private enclosed living rooms.  They are a wonderful alternative to the movie theater, and offer the perfect atmosphere for movie watching.  Since the rooms inside of Korean homes are typically very small, it’s a great idea to visit the DVD room with a few of your friends and split the cost.  You can bring your own snacks, select your movie at the front desk, and then you are led to your own private movie room with a large screen tv and comfy couches.  Guests typically pay between $12-$15 (TOTAL), and the rooms can hold up to about 5 people comfortably.  DVD rooms and Norebangs (private karaoke rooms) are both extremely popular here, but I prefer spending my time watching movies rather than singing.   

On Sunday, I received a call to play tennis, but I was already walking along the Jeonju River with Charlene.  We went for another very long walk together, and we were both very under-dressed.  The harsh wind cut through our clothes and left us freezing cold, but  we toughed it out and made our way back to Kraze Burger AGAIN for dinner.

This weekend, I enjoyed time with my friends again at a woman’s bible study group.  This was our first meeting, so most of the meeting was more of an icebreaker than a study session.  We read a small part in the bible, discussed it briefly, talked about our goals for the group and finished the meeting with a prayer session.  Our group plans to meet every Saturday, so I look forward to the deeper connections and discussions to come.  

We held the bible study meeting in a wonderful new coffee shop near my house in Ju-Wa-Son-Dong.  I spoke to the Korean owner about allowing me to cook brunch there on Sundays.  She agreed to the idea, so I’m hopeful that I will start cooking there in April. 

Today, I’m headed to a climb a mountain in Ajungli (Ah-Jung-Lee).  I’m not sure what the name of this mountain is, but I’ve climbed it a few times before.  It’s a great climb because it’s slightly difficult, but not very long.  It takes me about 30 minutes to an hour to reach the top depending on my pace. So, I get a great quick work-out, topped off with a beautiful view of Jeonju City.



  1. Hey, your blog is great. I’m also in Jeonju for a year, just arrived in Feb. Anyways, I am commenting because I saw your blog about Artygen and I went there today and I love my hair cut. She did a great job, so thanks!!

    • YAYYYY!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!! So glad to hear that Ellen – we should connect sometime – I’ll be here until the end of August.

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