Posted by: evedlewis | March 29, 2010

Mountain Climb in Ajungli


I climbed a mountain called “Key-Ring-Bong” in Ah-Jung-Lee on Sunday evening.  I have climbed this mountain three times already in the past few months, and I decided to bring my camera along this time.  This particular mountain is one of my favorites, because it’s only about 10-15 minutes from my house, it’s a short but challenging hike, and the view of the city below is FANTASTIC.  Climbing this mountain on a daily basis is a realistic possibility, since I don’t go into work until 3pm.  I could easily get over there at 10am, be finished by noon, eat lunch and have plenty of time to get ready for work.  Reaching the top takes me about an hour, and coming down takes another hour.  Although I can’t promise that I will actually hike the mountain daily, I do hope to increase my visits to at least once per week.  I have been taking long walks consistently this month, so I’m feeling much better about my physical activity again.  Feeling the burn in my legs and calves today – Yayyyy!!!!! 😉



  1. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing your life at Korea Jeonju.

    I am planning my trip to Jeonju in April, and really love the place you visited at Jeonju, especially the “Key-Ring-Bong” mountain.

    Can you tell me the exact Korean name of the mountain, or at the map on your blog.

    if possible, can we meet at Jeonju while I visited, if you are free.


    • Hey — Sure — Thanks for reading my blog 😉 The mountain is called “Key Ring Bong” in Korean. If you get into a taxi and say, “Ah-jung-lee” — “Key Ring Bong” —- “Bo-Sox-Sauna”, the taxi will take you to a Sauna, which is just steps away (up the hill) from one of the entrances to the mountain. Just walk down the hill to get to the bottom of the mountain, and start your climb to the top ;). 010 – 3072 – 3501.

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