Posted by: evedlewis | April 4, 2010



Woooowwwww!!!!!!!!!!  Every day should be just like today.  The weather was absolutely perfect, and Spring was def. in full effect.  I played two hours of tennis with Charles and some other players at the courts in an area called Oh – Ah.  Yes – it’s pronounced Ooooh – Ah, which is exactly how I felt today.  My mood was elevated to the 100th degree, and I was sooooooo overjoyed to get some SUN ON MY SKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!  After tennis, I ate some Korean noodles (Gook-Su) in the area and them climbed the “Key-Ring-Bong” Mountain again in Ajungli.  So – I had four intense hours of exercise today, and I feel FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!   

On the top of the mountain, I sat with some ADORABLE, sweet young boys, and I took some shots of them with my camera phone.  Although the photos aren’t that great – I will remember the feelings of joy, peace, serenity, happiness and freedom that I felt on the mountain top when looking at them.  The boys were talking, looking, pointing and absorbing all the beauty surrounding them.  I stared in awe and smiled at these three young spirits who were like angels looking over the city as the breeze blew their hair.  I found it difficult to leave that place of pure innocence and love, but I had a dinner date to attend.  I left the mountain with a renewed sense of positive spiritual energy. 

In the evening, I met Joy for dinner to borrow a bible for my daily readings.  We ended up joining a group of other “foreign” teachers at the WONDERFUL Lamb restaurant in Ju-Wha-San-Dong called “Alladin’s Lamb”.  I feel like I eat there too much now – but it’s soooooo good and soooooo affordable!!!!  We had a great time, and I was glad to meet a few tennis players at the table.  Hopefully, I will be playing tennis with them also in the coming weeks.  I pray that the weather CONTINUES to STAY WARM!!!!!!!


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