Posted by: evedlewis | April 5, 2010

I’m On A Book Cover – HAAAA!!!!!!

I'm "The Face" of WORTHY - HAAAA!!!!! 😉

Soooooo – a good friend of mine asked if he could use one of my photos for a book he was publishing entitled “Worthy”.  I was a little reluctant at first, but with enough pushing on his end, I agreed.  We settled on a payment schedule for him to purchase my image, and I approved the art draft before it went to print.  Seems like it has already been a year since I saw the draft cover, and now he has released the book to the public.  I must admit that it feels REALLY WEIRD to see myself on the front cover now, but I do like the end result.  I really LOOOOOVE the color scheme, and I like that he cropped my photo in half.  I was expecting my face to appear on the BACK of books (as an author), but it’s really strange to be “the front face” of Worthy. 

What is REALLY EXTRA WEIRD though – almost freakish – is that I would constantly draw a half-faced women when I was younger.  The final image on the book looks IDENTICAL to the female face I drew in my youth (and I had nothing to do with the design work).  Really weird, right??!?!?  CRAZZZZY!!!!  Destiny??!?!   I feel like I was drawing myself on the cover of this book years before it even came into existence.  Anyways – My face should be making another very public appearance soon, as I am finishing up my first book entitled “The 10 Simple Truths About Marriage”. 

I have read a few chapters of the book Worthy, and it’s excellent.  I highly recommend that you purchase a copy for yourself.  You can purchase this hot summer read at



  1. -Eve

    I feel as if I know you just from reading your blog of your experience in Korea thus far!! I am currently employed as a teacher for 3-5 years old in Chicago, but I have been looking for another job since January 2010. The job outlook has been rather bleak for teachers considering budget/funding cuts and teacher lay-offs left and right. I visited to explore their job opportunities as I always do and I came across the website, read through their testimonials and stumbled upon a synopsis of your experiences. I too am married but with no children and am curious to how your husband felt about you wanting to embark on this journey? In addition, what do you plan to do once your year is up? Thanks again for your blog and honest insight…I am really considering this opportunity, but I am concerned about what to do once its over.


    • Hey Laura – thanks for reading my blog! Please check your e-mail later tonight or tomorrow for the answers to your questions. I will send you a private message soon. Thanks!! 😉

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