Posted by: evedlewis | May 10, 2010

Quick Trip To Busan

I was so busy planning my trip back home to Atlanta at the end of this month that I ALMOST forgot we had time off last week.  “Children’s Day” is a national holiday celebrated on May 5th, so we had a day off from school last Wednesday.  I decided to escape from Jeonju for a few hours and hit the beach in Busan.  Although it was a cloudy day, I still had a good time, and it was great to get away for a little while.  I would LOVE to take a trip to OSAN this weekend, but I need to wait until after I get back from my vacation in June.

My plan was to travel to Busan alone.  I really wanted to just relax and do some reading on the beach.  Then, I got a call from Joy who asked what I was doing for the holiday.  I told her and invited her to join me.  She had made plans with Patricia, so both of them ended up coming to the beach with me. 

We all got in trouble on the bus again.  There must be some “unspoken rule” that people are NOT ALLOWED TO TALK on the buses in Korea.  Or – perhaps, we were just being REALLY LOUD and RUDE????  Either way – we got yelled at again by a Korean woman on the bus.  When we stopped at the rest area, a lady from the back began to yell and whine “at us” in Korean.  She seemed to be saying, “you guys are being very loud and rude.  Don’t you know that people want to relax and be quiet on the bus.  There is no talking allowed on our buses.  Please STOP TALKING!!!”  Then she turned to the bus driver and seemed to say, “tell these f**king Americans to SHUT UP!” And – she stormed off. 

Well – we felt bad, but I think the bus driver felt worse.  After we came back from the rest area, the bus driver handed me a bag of snacks.  He could not speak English, but the gesture translated into, “i’m very sorry that my fellow Korean yelled at you ladies like that.”  We tried to speak quietly for the rest of the trip.  We didn’t really feel bullied into talking quietly, but we did not want to be rude if it’s customary to keep quiet.  Perhaps there is a “rule of silence” just like at the movie theaters in the states????  However, there is no movie involved????  Maybe we were just very loud and annoying???  I’m not sure really.

 We made it to Haeundae Beach in Busan after a 30 minute taxi ride through traffic.  Once again, you have no idea how refreshing it is to see A “REAL  BEACH” after you haven’t seen one for over eight months!!!!!!!!  I went to the beach twice when I first arrived to Korea, but the beach in Busan is closer to what I’m accustomed to seeing in the states.  The soft, brown sand cushioned my feet as we made our way to a spot near the water.  I was in an extremely introspective mood, so I spent most of my time relaxing and photographing the people surrounding us after we sat down. 

Korean Fact: Most people in Korea do not wear a bathing suit to the beach.  Many women walk in heels across the sand and Men are fully dressed.  Young girls wear stockings and dresses and boys wear cardigans and jackets.  Since most people do not get in the water or sunbathe, the experience at the beach is quite different from in the states and in other “sun soaking” countries.  I’m sure it seems just as “strange” to Koreans when they see us strip down to our swimsuits and bake our bodies in the sun.

I plan to go back to Busan in July – if not sooner.  There is a party on the beach in July that my friend Jasmine invited me to attend, so I’m excited about that.  I’m also VERY EXCITED about going back home at the end of this month.  Actually – I have MIXED FEELINGS, but I am looking forward to seeing everyone again.  I am NOT looking forward to the long plane ride there and back, and I have been nervous about a major decision that I must make when I return.  A week does not seem like enough time to be back at home, but I hope to enjoy it to the fullest.

Random Related Thoughts: 

I have not driven a car in over 8 months!!!!!! #weird

I have not had Taco Bell in over 8 months!!!!!  #imisstacobell

I hope I have a HUUUUGGGE appetite when I get back to the states – because I have a long list of things to eat 😉



  1. So, what would happen if you actually GOT IN the water? Would be stare and point?

    • HAAAA!!!! Not sure – I’ll give you an update when I go back soon 😉

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