Posted by: evedlewis | June 25, 2010


I’m telling you – Mark my words: Laundromats are going to blow up in Korea!!!!  I have spotted a brand new Laundromat in my area – right down the street from me!!!!  Though I’ve been washing and hanging up my clothes in my apt. again since it’s summer, it’s good to know there is another “wash house” in Jeonju.  There are 2 that I know exist.  The new laundry place is on the street right behind the post office in Jhu-Wha-San-Dong.  Unfortunately – I cannot really explain exactly WHERE the two laundromats in Jeonju are located, since it’s not customary to use “street signs” in Korea.  However, if you search enough, I’m sure you will find them.  The first Laundry place I spotted is in a neighborhood near E-mart in Soshin Dong, and this brand new one is on the same main street as Tom and Tom’s Coffee (going away from the Jeonju River) across the street from a junk yard and a park.  There are millions of coffee shops all over Jeonju, and I think Laundromats are going to be the next big popular business idea here.  Don’t say I didn’t tell you. 

Happy Washing!!!!!



  1. SEE YOU PLAYING!! We talked about this already! Why are you dragging your tail?

    • Give me some money!!!!!!!! I need an Investor!!!!!!!!!! or Two 😉 lol

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