Posted by: evedlewis | June 29, 2010

Back In Busan – What’s Ur Blood-type?

The beach has been calling my name!!!!!!  Soooooo – I spent last weekend in Busan and had a great time with Charlene and Nina.  The weather has been so gorgeous in Jeonju lately, but the weekends seem to be dampened with rain.  This is the rainy season in Korea, so we had another overcast Saturday and Sunday with rainshowers.  At least we did have some moments of sunshine at the beach this time, and I was able to soak up some rays.  The ladies and I met some really cool random Korean and American folks during our visit, and we all had a fantastic time together.  While on the beach, I had an in-depth convo with a Korean guy who asked me my blood-type.  I know, this seems like a really strange topic of conversation for Americans and foreigners.  However, in Korean culture, a person’s blood type says a lot about them.  In America, many people are just as intrigued with birth signs and astrology.  In Korea, people feel they can get to know what kind of person you are by knowing what type of blood runs through your body .  I feel a strong need to find out my blood-type now 😉  What’s your blood-type???

Here’s a great article that explains what kind of person you may be based on your blood type:

OHHHH!!!!  And – some Koreans actually DOOOOOO wear bikinis and bathing suits to the beach (very few) 😉  However, the majority of the beach-goers were still covered in clothing in June 😉  Enjoy the pics!!!


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