Posted by: evedlewis | August 8, 2010

Social Gatherings

July and August have been filled with socializing and social gatherings.  There was a Big Birthday Bash in Busan, a Western-Style Potluck that I helped organize, another weekend in Osan and Charlene’s Birthday and going away party.  Since I will be leaving Korea in just a little over a month, I wanted to have some special moments with the people I’ve grown close to here before my departure.  I’ve spent lots of quality time with my good friends Charlene, Joy and Jasmine, and I’ve also met some new friends at the events I’ve attended.  I’m already starting to feel like I will really miss Korea, and I’m still very open to coming back to live here for another year.  I won’t make any final decisions on my next move until I settle back at home for a while in September.  My Director has purchased my return flight ticket, and I’ll be back in Atlanta on September 14th.  This is my last month of working – yayyyy!!!!  Then, I will have two weeks of vacation before going back home.  I have already booked a week-long trip to Jeju Island, so I’m extremely excited about that. 

Let the countdown begin……..


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