Posted by: evedlewis | August 28, 2010


My schedule has been super psychotic for the past month, so I’m looking forward to getting back to a normal life again next week.  I must say that my classes at the Academy REALLY “showed out” last week, so I’m SUPER PROUD OF THEM!!!!!  It felt great going into the weekend with all the monthly testing behind us.  I had speech and essay tests in all my classes, and every student in my V2 class did an EXCELLENT job.  I treated them all to a pizza party, because they really deserved something special.  I have seen a lot of progress with many of my students (in all my classes) in many different areas, which makes me feel extra proud as my year of teaching comes to an end.  These are the moments that make teaching very enjoyable and rewarding.  Granted, my V2 class is one of my top classes, but they were all EXTRA impressive with their speeches and essays this time – even better than usual.  I decided to record everyone presenting their speeches, so I could have some footage of my kids in action.  My initial thought was to post all of the clips on-line, so parents and students could view them.  However, I may just post only the top speeches, unless I can figure out a way to post them all more quickly.  I think it’s important for students/learners to see themselves, so they can be aware of changes they need to make for improvement.  I also wanted to have something recorded  for myself, because I will really miss them all.  **tear**  My Director and I have been discussing the possibility of me returning to Korea in October or November, so I’m excited about that option.

I’m sure these clips will not mean as much to you as they do to me, but here are some of my top students presenting their speeches.  Please keep in mind that English is their SECOND language.  There will be some mistakes.  They are not fluent English speakers, but I think they are progressing very well. 😉  Sooooo proud!!!!!



  1. Have you ever thought about teaching on Humphreys or Osan…I know atleast Humphreys is looking for some good teachers.

    • Hey Dave – Sure – I would def. teach in Osan. I will likely be teaching back in Jeonju again for another year starting in December though.

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