Posted by: evedlewis | September 17, 2010

JEJU – Day 1

Soooooo – I decided that I should post daily during my vacation, because I really don’t want to write one long entry to cover everything that happened over a five-day span.  So far, I’ve had an amazing first day on Jeju Island.  The hotel is incredible, the weather is fantastic, and I’ve already rented a scooter for the next few days.  There is a typhoon warning on the island tonight, but so far, we have only had strong winds and very light rain.  I’m hoping the weather will be nice for the rest of my trip.  We did have some rain earlier today when I first got here, but it cleared up.  

I decided to use my video recorder during my trip, so I hope you enjoy the short videos and all the photos.  I think these forms of media may be better for illustrating my time in Jeju.  So, I won’t be writing very much.  😉

During the plane ride, the flight attendants did a “rock, paper, scissors contest” on the way to Jeju, which was pretty entertaining.  Korean Fact: Rock, Paper, Scissors is used by all ages for various circumstances.  Children play “rock, paper scissors” as a fun game, but adults use this battle as a way to determine the winner of certain things — much like Americans use “heads or tails” on a coin. 


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