Posted by: evedlewis | September 17, 2010

JEJU – Day 3

I spent all day maxing and relaxing — “chillaxing” at the indoor and outdoor hotel pools.  Later in the day, I decided to also get a one hour massage and spend time in the hotel sauna.  The hotel sauna was refreshing, and I even found a brush there!!!!  Who would have thought!???!?  They had a sanitizing machine, like the ones at barber shops, filled with brushes for the public to use.  How do I love thee Korea????  Let me count the ways………So – I was able to wash and brush my hair thoroughly on the third day of vacation — yayyy!!!! 😉  Later that night, I took a trip to E-mart, because I needed to get an external hard drive to save all my photos and videos.  So, after having a very lazy day, I ended up being very productive as well 😉  I also saved a bunch of money, because I ate dinner at E-mart.  My meal was only 5,000 won compared to 20-30,000 won.  I had been spending around $20-$30 on every meal so far, so I wanted to be a little more thrifty.  Honestly, I was very dissatisfied with the food on the island.  I looked forward to some good food, but the meals did not live up to my expectations.  On the way back home, I also picked up some cereal, so I wouldn’t spend so much money on breakfast.  When I returned to the hotel late that night, I talked to the guy at the front desk about which mountain he suggest I climb.  He responded by saying, “I’ll take you to the mountain tomorrow!”  I said, “Really??!! Okay!!”  So, the next day, Jong Ho picked me up in his car, and we went to Seongsan Peak, which was about an hour drive from the hotel.

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  1. hi
    briefly checked your blog as i found your name on eslpark website. I am just doing my due diligence. How satisfied and how much research did you do on esl park b4 heading out to s.korea??

    looks like you are enjoying life.

    • Hey Monica — I really enjoyed my time in Korea. There were pros and cons (just like anywhere else), but I was satisfied overall with my first year there. ESL Park was a great recruiting company in my opinion. I didn’t do much research on them, because I didn’t feel a need. They were very professional and prompt, and I trusted that they would place me at a good school. I did research Korea in general, however, so that I could be aware of what differences to expect. I will e-mail a list of things I think you should consider before making the move to South Korea.

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