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My Favorite Jeonju Restaurants

UPDATE: Read my updated blog post. As of September 2016 — there are only two restaurants on this list that are still open in Jeonju — Lemon Table and Curry.

After living in Jeonju for over a year, I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of my top favorite restaurants in the city.  I’m sure there are many more, but these are the ones that I frequent.  Many of the restaurants in Jeonju are traditional Korean places that only serve Korean food.  Some of the Korean food is good/tolerable, but I prefer a wider variety of menu options.  Therefore, I have tried many other restaurants in Jeonju that offer fantastic eating choices in a pleasant atmosphere.  Here are my top favorite restaurant picks:

Cafe Il Mare:

A lovely, chic restaurant that serves magnificent Italian food in Jung Wha San Dong.  My favorite menu choices are the shrimp and tobico cream pasta (without tobico), the chicken calzone and the Margherita pizza.  They also serve steak, salads and a wide range of other delicious Italian dishes.  Italian food can sometimes be very thick and greasy, but this place manages to prepare superb dishes that don’t leave you feeling stuffed and sluggish.  Cafe Il Mare is a nice option for a romantic meal or a more intimate meal with friends.  Lunch and Dinner sets are offered, and item prices are in the 10,000-30,000 won range.  063 – 227 – 2022

Aladdin’s Lamb:

A wonderfully decorated and spacious restaurant that serves various cuts of delicious grilled lamb meat.  My favorite menu items are the lamb skewers and the AMMMMAZINGLY flavorful Greek Salad with REAL FETA CHEESE – YUMMMM!  Although the menu is limited, this is a great place to go with a group of others and share different meat choices.  They offer small side dishes with your meal and the prices range from 7,000 won – 30,000 won.


BBQ Beef Restaurant (DONWOORI):

I eat here wayyyy too much.  For some reason, the perfectly grilled marinated meat never gets old.  My favorite menu items are the tantalizing BBQ Beef Slabs and the tasty Ramen (Ramyen) Noodles.  The meals are served with many side items including a small salad with a sweet creamy raspberry dressing.  I have also tasted the duck meat, which is pretty good and is enough to serve a group of four or five.  This is another great place to visit with a large or small group of friends who don’t mind smoke and noise.  The prices are affordable, and meals range from 5,000 – 20,000 won.

Little Jakob’s Sandwich Shop:

I was suuuuuuper excited about having a new sandwich shop near my house (as of 8/2010), and this place has won my heart over.  Although they don’t serve deli-sliced turkey meat, as I had hoped, they do have thinly sliced “Chicken Ham” meat, which is close enough.  My favorite is the Chicken Ham on the toasted multi-grain Ciabatta bread.  The “Turkey Ham” meat tastes more like salami, so it would be a good choice for people who like salami.  They have an extensive menu, with many other sandwich and soup options; however, I would stay away from the potato soup and the tuna sandwich.  The decor is very modern, bright and artsy, and the prices are a little high for what you get.  They also serve muffins, coffee and other sweet goodies.  You may want to request two (or three) servings of meat — if you don’t want a bread and lettuce sandwich, because the meat portions are very small.  Expect to pay between 5,ooo – 10,000 won JUST for your sandwich.

Sandwich Shop


Curry is a great little spot to visit in the fall or winter for a warm, filling meal.  Their only menu item is a distinctive tasting curry sauce over rice, which is served mild or spicy.  I prefer the mild option, which still has a wonderful pungent flavor.  The only thing lacking is the amount of vegetables that comes mixed in with the curry sauce.  If I were preparing the plates, I would add a large amount of veggies and broccoli, but the meal is still satisfying with the potatoes and carrots.  Curry is located in the Hanock Village – pass the huge Catholic church (on your right), go to the next block (pass the “tourist entrance”), turn left before the school, and Curry will be the very small restaurant on your right.  This place is good for small groups of friends who won’t mind being jammed into a tiny space and waiting for service.  Curry plates are 5,000 won.

Hoa Binh:

I discovered Hoa Binh recently, because another restaurant I wanted to try was closed.  I’m soooooo glad I ventured in and tried something new.  This Vietnamese restaurant chain has a huge menu with an incredible amount of awesome choices.  My favorite dishes are the Vietnamese noodle soup with boiled meat (Pho with Beef Shabu) and the Shrimp and Chicken Noodles (Fried Pho — Mild — Shrimp and Chicken).  I also tried the Shark Fin Dumplings, which were pretty good.  There are two locations that I know of: one in Gaeksa, and one in Chun-buk-dae.  Describing how to find the restaurants is almost impossible, but the one in Chun-buk-dae is near Art and Travel on the corner.  Meals are 10,000 – 30,000 won.  080 – 040 – 2525 —

Kraze Burger:

I fell in love with Kraze Burger during my first visit to Seoul.  I later discovered that there is a location near me in Jeonju.  YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!  They serve the best burgers, chili cheese fries, great salads and other “American-type” sandwiches like Grilled Chicken and Philly Cheese Steak.  The food is expensive, but well worth the price if you have a taste for some good ole’ “American food”.  They offer discounted Lunch sets.  Expect to pay 12,000 — 20,000 for your meal.  Ask your taxi driver to drop you at Lotte Cinema, walk straight (East) — past Paris Baguette (and TGIFridays), turn right at the first major corner (at the end of the shops) and Kraze Burger will be on your Right.

**NEW** Cafe Lemon Table:

A new “French-Inspired” Restaurant just opened near me in Jeonju.  The classy interior and exterior dΓ©cor is AHHH–MAZZZING.  I love the exposed brick and stucco walls, the shinny floors, the vibrant colors, the gorgeous wall mural, the comfy pillows, the beautiful accent lights and the attentive staff.  Ahhhh — Every single detail is perfect.  I love the restaurant concept, but I don’t think the food served is really “French”.  Unfortunately, I was not impressed with the taste of the burger (Go to Kraze Burger for Burgers), but the fries were very good.  I also had the Mushroom Fettucine, which was very tasty.  They serve flaky, warm croissants with honey before your meal, and they also serve “honey pie” and Pizza.  I’m not sure what the honey pie is like yet, but it sounds very interesting.  I need to try more items on the menu, but I would recommend that this restaurant is worth a visit.  Most menu items are 10,000 – 15,000 won.

To get to most of these restaurants: Take a cab to the Shin-Tung-Ha-Marte’ in Jhu-Wha-San-Dong.  Walk South towards the main street (pass the GS Store).  Turn Left at the main street.  Two options: (1) Walk straight (East) for one block to the next traffic light.  Aladdin’s Lamb will be on your right, and Donwoori will be on your left.  (2) Turn right at the next main traffic light to get to Cafe Il Mare (up the street on the left past Tom and Toms) and Cafe Lemon Table (further up on the Right).

**Visit for restaurant reviews and several great food choices in Seoul.


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