Posted by: evedlewis | February 27, 2011

Back In The States – 4 Month Break

After my vacation on Jeju Island in September, I went back to the states for four months.  I won’t re-count every single thing that happened; but basically,  I spent tons of time with my family and friends and ate everything in site.  My plan was to stay in the states until December and return to Korea by January.  However, because of some new paperwork rules, my return was delayed just a bit (Korea requires that people get their FBI Criminal Background Check apostilled now).  I landed back in Jeonju at the end of January, and I started teaching back at the school on January 31st.  I will be teaching for another year at the same school until February 2012.  My plan is to stay here for an extra month, so I should be back in the states by the beginning of March 2012.

While in the states for four months, I sucked up as much quality time as possible with all of my loved ones.  My idea was that I could fill myself up with enough love to carry me through the year.   By the fourth month, I was really ready to get back to Jeonju.  I had a few really good photo shoots, traveled to a few great cities and worked hard to stay in-shape while I was at home.

I had a GRAND time in New Jersey and in New York with my cousin Laquinda, I had a FANNNN-TASTIC time in Miami for a solo vacation, I spent two WONDERFUL weeks in Tallahassee with my Florida family, and I had a few INCREDIBLE weekends in Texas.  After all my trips, I was honestly “vacationed-out” and ready to get back to work.

Here are just a few of the millions of photos I took during my four month break in the states.

Please excuse all THE FOOOOOOD!!!! 😉

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  1. I love the pictures!

    • Thanks honey!!! 😉

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