Posted by: evedlewis | February 28, 2011

Back To Korea — Year #2

The plane ride back to Korea was not as “traumatic” as the first time around.  I was fortunate to book a 15 hour non-stop flight from Atlanta to Seoul on Korean Air (Splendid Airline BTW).  This was my fifth time traveling on a 15+ hour international flight (to and from Korea), and as they say, “everything gets better and easier with time”.  Most of my time was spent talking to random people, watching movies and playing virtual black jack.  The hours passed by quickly, and before I knew it, I was back at “home” in my cozy apartment in Jeonju.  I had a chance to take some photos at the airport and on the plane this time, so you can get a feel for what the journey is like.  So funny comparing the first year trip, to the second year return.  This time, I knew exactly where to go, what bus to get on and what to tell my taxi driver to get back to my house in Jung-Wha-San-Dong.  I even knew exactly how much money to budget for the trip, and how to purchase everything on my own.  The first year, I was like a helpless newborn, fresh out of the womb.  No knowledge, no direction, no idea.  Now, I’m back in familiar territory.  YAYYYY!!!!  Year #2 in Korea —->>>> Here we gooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! 😉


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