Posted by: evedlewis | March 4, 2011

Back In Korea — Back To Climbing

I climbed Stone Mountain twice, while I was in Atlanta.  However, Stone Mountain CANNOT compare to the mountains in Jeonju.  During my first weekend after returning to Korea, I went for a hike in Ajungli at the Key Ring Bong Mountain again.  Joy came along with me, and she failed to realize or mention that she was afraid of heights until we were walking up the first slope —- YIKES!!!!  She was a trooper and hung in there until we reached the top pavilion.  We didn’t make it all the way to the mountain peak this time, because there was wayyyyyyyyy more ice and snow on the ground than we expected.  So we “slid” down the side of the mountain and made it down safely with the help of an older Korean guy.  We needed some skis!!!!!  It was quite an adventure, and I can’t wait to go back.  I am doing a 30-Day Cardio Challenge this month, and this weekend we are to go hiking, so I will likely be back in Ajungli on Saturday for another day of climbing.  If you ever want to climb this small — but intense mountain: Get in a taxi, and ask the driver to take you to “Bo Sox Sauna (Saouna) in Ah-jung-lee”.  Walk from the the top hill (facing the sauna) — walk to your right, to the bottom of the hill until you reach the mountain entrance gate on your left and start your climb.  Happy Climbing!!!!!

I played some tennis while I was in the states too, and I have played a few times since I’ve been back in Korea.  The best courts for Tennis in Jeonju are at Chun-Buk-Dae University in my opinion.  They are free of charge, and there are several clay and hard-tops.  Sometimes it’s difficult to get an open court, but it’s worth the taxi ride to try.  Take a taxi cab to “Chun-Buk-Dae” — “Khu-Jun-Moon”.  Walk through the Gates through the University Campus, and the tennis courts will be on your left, past the basketball goals.

I have also included some photos of a few of my favorite food items that I have enjoyed since being back in Jeonju.  Gooksu (Guksu) Noodles are my absolute favorite, and I had a few fresh-baked items from the Paris Baguette Bakery.

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