Posted by: evedlewis | March 5, 2011

Back In Korea — My First KCC Basketball Game #YAY!!

One of my co-workers (Sunny) invited me to a professional basketball game, so Joy and I went to meet up with her and her friend (Greta) a few weekends ago.  I was sooooooo excited to go, because I have wanted to attend a pro-basketball game in Korea since last year.  The building appeared to be a huge stadium on the outside, but I felt more like we were at a high school gymnasium once we found our seats on the inside.  The court seemed smaller than a typical professional court.  Perhaps the floor only seemed small because the gym was so small?  I’m not sure.  Either way, we had a great time, and the teams played well.  The crowd was wild and supportive, and I was amused that the audience used “hand fans” as noise makers to cheer for the teams.  #SO ASIAN  — ha ha ha.  They took too many breaks during the game in my opinion, but other than that, I really enjoyed watching my first KCC game in Korea.  I think our team (KCC) is the best or the second best in Korea right now, and they should be going to the play-offs this season.

According to Wikipedia, our team is actually ranked as the #1 team in Korea with 4 Championship titles.  The KBL (Korean Basketball League) started in 1997, and there are 10 teams in the League.  The season is from October through April.  To buy tickets, take a taxi cab to “Chun-Buk-Dae -/- Khu-Jun-Moon”.  Facing the entrance of the college campus gates, walk WEST, and the basketball stadium will be a few steps down on your left.

After the game, Joy and I enjoyed Papa John’s for dinner.  We ended up getting some free Coca Cola Blankets and free chicken strips from the manager while we were there.  Thanks Papa Johns!!! 😉

#KoreanFact — I always seem to get FREE random gifts when I’m out.  #NeverFails


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