Posted by: evedlewis | March 6, 2011

Back In Korea — Back with my friends

Although I do plan to be a little less social this year, I’m glad to be back in Korea with my friends.  I have enjoyed spending time with Jasmine for her birthday, and I also went to Seoul last weekend to meet and hang out with a buncha’ other friends.  Amanda is a new teacher here, and she joined Joy and I on our trip to Seoul.  My time was filled with meeting people I have been planning to meet for several months.  I met up with Christine and her husband, Jakara and Courtney.

We spent Friday night at the Dragon Hill Jim-Jil-Bang (Bath House) near Yongsan Station.  I must say that spending the night in a Bath House is VERY different from spending a few hours getting pampered there.  For some reason, I’m not bothered by soaking in hot steamy water with a bunch of naked women.  I don’t have any reservations nor fears about naked bodies nor germs (IN WATER).  But for SOME REASON, I was a bit disturbed by the thought of sleeping in a crowded, closed room with a bunch of hot breath. Lol.

After soaking in the baths for a while, I made my way up to the sleeping rooms.  The first room was jammed pack, and there was no space for me to sleep.  The second room was dark and jammed pack as well, but I found a small space next to a sleeping baby and a young woman.  I slowly pushed open the door and carefully stepped over dozens of legs and feet.  After laying down on the hard floor, my paranoid thoughts about all the hot breath overwhelmed me.  The room was filled from wall to wall with rows of bodies.  Tons and tons of bodies in pajamas.  Many women were snoring, and others were tossing and turning.  I honestly started to feel a little suffocated.  Thoughts of slave headquarters and concentration camps continued to surface in my mind, as I tried to close my eyes to rest.

A few people opened the door and peeked into the room with their cell phones leading the way.  The light from the doorway pierced through the darkness and annoyed me each time.  At one point, the young boy sleeping next to me rolled over and threw his arm around my body in a gentle embrace.  At another point, the woman on the other side of me rubbed against my leg and put her knee into my side.  I had no pillow, no cushion and no sheets nor covers.  I knew that I needed to get some sleep, so I had to push away all my inner thoughts about getting sick from my mind.  Eventually, I stopped focusing on all the hot breath and went to sleep for a few hours.  When I woke up, we booked a hotel room for the next night. 😉  I’m proud to say that I have had the experience of sleeping over night in a Bath House now, but I’m not too sure if I’ll ever do that again. 😉  Perhaps, the trick is to get a spot in the room early enough, so that you are passed out and sleeping soundly before the crowd comes.

On Saturday, we spent time at the Co-ex Mall during the day, and then we went out for a FABULOUS night of dancing in Itaewon.  On Sunday, we met up with Christine and her husband for lunch, and then we went to a “Love Jones” screening at Roofers in Itaewon in the evening.  After the movie, there was a discussion and a poetry night.  I didn’t expect to have “too much to say” about “Love Jones,” but we had a really good discussion and the live poetry was fantastic.  We had a great time and headed back to Jeonju late on Sunday.

If you are interested in events and happenings in Seoul, join the “Brothas and Sisters Of South Korea” page on Facebook to get in the loop.

If you are interested in a great Jim-Jil-Bong in Seoul, I recommend going to the Dragon Hill Spa near Yongsan Train Station (Tell the cab driver “Yongsan Yuck”).  See my full write-up of the Dragon Hill Spa in the Jim-Jil-Bangs folder.

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  1. hey where at in jeonju are you?? Not sure if you have tons of friends here, but I don’t hahah, I just got here and I’m looking to meet some people 🙂 Send me an email!


    • Hey there Michael — I’m in Jhu-Wha-San-Dong. What is your e-mail?? It’s not showing on your profile. My e-mail address is Welcome!!! 😉

  2. Hello! Iam bora! After i read the your writing, i really miss my friends from other country and want them to come soon! If they come Jeonju, i really introduce the place they have never been like your friends. I always appeal to come here but as you know, it’s not easy to travel with friends. I envy you! :p i hope i meet them as soon as possible and have a chance to look around with them!

    Thanks for having a chance to read good writing! It makes me push them to come here again! Gracias 🙂

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