Posted by: evedlewis | March 27, 2015

Sweet Sunday at the Han River


The weather is finally getting warmer in Seoul, so I decided to take a field trip to the Han River (Han Gang) last Sunday with my friends. The Han River is a “must visit” area for anyone visiting Seoul. There are many different beautiful parts of the river, and on Sunday we decided to visit Seonyudo Park — which is a cool island park that was once a water treatment plant. I would recommend visiting this area later in the Spring (between April and May) when there are more flower blossoms and green leaves on the trees. Even though the area looked quite desolate and was not in full bloom, we still had a great time there, and here are some things I noticed:

1. Many people set-up their tents along the Han River — which I thought was a great idea.

2. I noticed a guy flying his drone over the Han River, so I asked him a few questions. He told me that he was shooting video footage for some TV shows — and that his drone cost him 3 million won ($3K USD). Very interesting to me — especially because drones have been a topic of conversation in many of my classes recently.

3. I noticed that the air quality really sucked over the weekend. I asked my friend to check the air quality index on her phone, and she confirmed that the air quality was in fact very poor and “dangerous” according to the index. Many people in Korea wear face masks for this reason — to avoid breathing in all the “yellow dust” and “micro dirt” in the air.

My friends and I enjoyed coffee at a cute coffee shop on the island, and there was also a random piano outdoors that people could play. We talked for hours about many different subjects, Β including the “Frenulum” — which is the tendon/ligament that holds the tongue in place in your mouth. Did you know that some Koreans have the Frenulum cut in order to speak English more easily? Yeap. That was one of the weird subjects that we discussed. Lol.

The Han River (Han Gang) is always a refreshing place to visit. The Jamwon Pools, Yeuido Park and Seonyudo Park are just three of the best areas to check out when you want to enjoy the great outdoors. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ 😊 ☺ Check my Instagram for more photos. Instagram: KoreanKream


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