Posted by: evedlewis | April 12, 2015

Honey Butter Chips!!! ;) ;) 😊 β˜Ί


I got them!!! I got the famous chips!!! Lol. Everyone in Korea has been talking about these super – duper – amazing – spectacular – incredible – and magical “Honey Butter Chips”. They have become so popular in Korea that stores continue to sell out of them, and people go on man hunts to find them. The stores just can’t keep enough stock on the shelves.

I’m always amazed at what becomes popular and what doesn’t become popular. You Β never know what the next thing in demand will be. Watching market trends and sales numbers is very interesting to me. I’m not sure how long the Honey Butter Chips craze is gonna’ last, but I’m glad that I had a chance to taste these popular chips before they become a thing of the past and disappear.

Korea seems to be going through a “honey phase” at the moment, and many companies are including honey in their products. Ice cream shops with a honey topping, yogurt with honey, and face soaps and cleansers/lotions with honey are all very popular items these days. Many snack companies also sell different types of honey butter flavored chips to compete with the original product that is now so hard to find. When Korean companies see an opportunity to sell a product that is already doing very well in the market, they copy the concept and go for it. Therefore, there are always trend waves here that come and go. Right now it’s honey, next year it might be cucumbers.

ALL of my students have talked about these chips and how hard they are to find for months. In one of my classes, a male student said that people go to the stores at 5am and wait for the stores to open so they can be the first one to get in and buy a few bags.

After talking to my students about these chips again last week, I decided to ask the owner of my corner store if he had any in stock. He smiled and quickly motioned at me, “you’re in luck – wait a minute,” and went to go get a bag for me out of his special, secret hidden VIP supply.

I paid 3k won for one bag of chips, and I thought they were great!! πŸ˜‰ I don’t think I will be standing in long lines or going to any extreme measures to get another bag of these Β tasty snacks. However, it was cool, and I felt lucky to finally have a chance to see these magical chips and taste them for myself. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ 😊 ☺


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